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in Press Releases | 11.12.2017.

Your data is stored on 3 disks, 2 computers and 2 tectonic plates! Impressions from the 4th imPRove Seminar - Make Google work for you!

You have created your Gmail account at least once and left at least a fake name. By automatism, you have thus created your own Internet birth book because Google is very curious and wants to know everything! :)

by Jovana Đuričić
in Marketing & advertising services | 31.10.2017.

Coming up: Marketing tricks Speak & Sell workshop at the Faculty of Economics

by Sanja Mračević

Marketing tricks - do they exist and where can you get a magic wand to turn you into an expert in this field? On Thursday, October 26, on the invitation of the Debate Club of the Faculty of Economics, my colleague Jelena Novaković and I went to our former (and current) faculty to discover these mysteries of the universe together with students. :)

in Marketing & advertising services | 27.11.2017.

Đuro who?

by Miloš Dimić
in Press Releases | 30.10.2017.

Final conference under IPA IV component in Montenegro held Operational Programme “Human Resource Development” 2012-2013

by Jovana Đuričić

Final Conference for the Operational Programme “Human Resource Development”  2012-2013, was held on 24 October at the CenterVille Hotel & Experience, whereat the overall results of the projects were presented. After the conference, a Project Fair was opened on which 23 grant beneficiaries presented the results of the projects they been implementing in the previous period.