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Pimalion® is a Belgian company that provides easy solutions for B2B and B2C marketing - online and offline. Retailers love it because they can get their hands on a high-performance engine they can use on a daily basis to create publications suitable for all channels and all media. There are five pillars that Pimalion’s business model relies on: optimization of the timeframe, boosting marketeers’ efforts, promotion, multichannel approach, management of the information flow. Bild Studio is working on this one in cooperation with our partners - Net2.

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Pimalion is used by the biggest European brands. Some of the customers are companies like Carrefour, Auchan, Mr Bricolage, etc.


  • Back-End: .Net Core 3, MongoDB, Lucene,  Elastic Search
  • AI: Google Vision, Microsoft Computer Vision, IBM Watson, Google Translation
  • Front-End: Angular, Html5
  • Infrastructure: 100% Cloud: Azure, MongoDB Atlas and managed services (LogEntries, Sendgrid...)
  • DevOPS: Azure DevOPS, PowerShell
  • Project Management: Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Trello, Slack


10 000

documents automatically generated in less that 2 hours






publications per month
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