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How to reach your target audience from the point "A", where the opinion "Another restaurant in the city" is adopted,
to the point "B" in which the audience says:

I hope there will be free chair in this restaurant

In order for your audience to cross this path, you must create it.
How did we do it with the restaurant "Terminal 4"?



And how did it all begin?

It all started with a catchy slogan :)
"Putujemo ukusima" motive is embedded in every detail of Terminal 4.

[Interestingly, the creative team in charge of the project has planned a good part of the strategy during various trips, and, it is understood, karma has done its part too.]


Foto: Miloš Dimić, Bild Studio  & City Mall

Commitment to detail.

When we say details, we really mean every possible detail that could be followed in the record-breaking short-term deadline, and what further encouraged us is working with, no less than a proactive team of the client.



Restaurant Terminal 4 today stands firm on the basis that every best restaurants have, which is:
diverse and quality food, friendly staff, distinctive interior. 


Foto: Miloš Dimić, Bild Studio  & Aleksandar Lex Jaredić

On this foundation, Terminal 4 has added two important ingredients: recognizable marketing and unique design. With such a combination, the restaurant took its audience to the point "B" in just 5 months.





The beginning of the project characterized two key challenges:

1. Location - unexplored

Terminal 4 is located in, then just open, the shopping center "City Mall". This restaurant seemed "hidden" in a certain way. The location did not relate exclusively to the restaurant, but also to other businesses within the shopping center.

2. Competition - numerous

It suffices to say that at the time of opening the restaurant, within a 500-meter radius, there were already 43 restaurants. Today, there are 86 restaurants in the City area.



By analyzing the market, we divided 3 groups among our competitors:

First group - caterers who did not use social networks to promote their business;

Second groupa - caterers who used social networks to promote their business, but they did it in an inadequate way;

Third groupa - caterers who ran competitive marketing on social networks.


How did we manage to stand out?

The first factor - the way of communication

A new restaurant on the market should have been given a recognizable voice. We created this voice by copywriting (prim.prev. By creative writing). By mildly informal communication tones, humorous and informative content, we managed to keep a different approach from most of our competitors and to make a connection with our target audience.



Na slici je ipak prikazan rođak od pomenutog gospodina, ali ništa što malo kriznog PR-a ne rješava. :)




and many other posts .

Another factor - the relationship to the site's follower

In addition to the creative content we have placed with our companions, we have taken particular care of each individual reaction. This meant:

  - Quick reply to comments and dialogue with the audience;
  - Professional reply to direct messages;
  - Answering comments on restaurant ratings, whether it is praise or criticism.

The main goal?

User engagement

In addition to a professional relationship in communicating with fans, we took a step further and organized two prize games. Thus, 4 people won air tickets to Milan and Berlin, and Terminal 4 showed that they really put their guests in the first place.

Third factor - design and branding of content

Where the power of words ends, the "speech" of the design is added.

We have uniformed the layout of the page, using a recognizable style when creating graphics, which the audience now easily recognizes and binds just for Terminal 4.

We applied the design to a variety of content within the restaurant, added a new value to the user experience, and using the hashtag's guests invited the restaurants to share beautiful moments on social networks. So we managed to form the basis for the promotion of physical and virtual location.






Foto: Miloš Dimić, Bild Studio  &  City Mall, dizajn enterijera: Vlada Gugl





The result

As the Facebook audience reacted, data for the period 10.10.2016. until 01.03.2017.


Above the analytical indicators, the success and operation of the restaurant is also illustrated by the planned opening of the terrace, which will bring the unique experience of Podgorica on the roof of City Mall, which we are looking forward to



- Logo design, graphic standards, branding

- Creative writing

-  Digital marketing 


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