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Quick overview

IT company involved in the cannabis trade - would make a good headline in the news, right? We admit, we’ve done it. Legally, of course. Back in time when blockchain was at the square one  (1 Bitcoin = 21K USD), Bild Studio got in touch with the people who wanted to revolutionize a couple of things: cannabis sales and payment methods. Alt36 is a platform for easy and painless purchase of cannabis for medical purposes. USA federal law doesn’t recognize the activity, but 33 individual states do. To bridge the “iuris” gap, Alt36 came with a solution of their own and Bild Studio was on the construction side.



Speaking of legal difficulties, the first thing we had to do was to set a platform that is fully compliant with the notorious IRS. Alt36 incorporates AML and KYC/KAC programs which basically unite best practices from US government institutions. Then we had to make a proper integration with DASH cryptocurrency which solves traditional problems associated with other digital currencies such as: transaction cost, confirmation time, and network governance.



Bild Studio Solutions

The main characteristics of Alt36’s solution is based on elimination of cash. Dispensaries don’t have to worry about being robbed - for one. Customers don’t have to carry a heavy wallet or pay invisible fees through ATMs. This way, the procedure is simple: customers set up an account with Alt36 and the system Bild Studio made does the rest. Linking Alt36 to a customer's bank account creates an environment in which the interface, done in Javascript and Java, converts money into DASH - following all the legal rules previously mentioned.


To be continued…

Legal cannabis market is set to surpass anywhere from 40-75 billion USD by 2025 in worth. No wonder why Alt36 got in the game early. And there are many more following their steps. All things considered - we expect more partners coming in with requests for the same or similar solutions to come up with.

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