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| Milivoje Krivokapić

Cimet bistro or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Break

A brand is what others feel about you – that’s why brands are carefully built and even more carefully guarded. The End I see that picture: It’s the middle of the day, a working day, the street rush visible through the large window confirms that. The phone is deliberately muted, the music slides along with […]

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Press Releases | Milivoje Krivokapić

First place at SoMo Borac for the campaign Tell the Whole Story

At the tenth anniversary of SoMo Borac competition, Bild Studio won the first prize for the “Tell the whole story” campaign, in the SoMoritanac category, which is awarded for projects aimed at solving global or local problems. Recognition of this kind gives us a bunch of reasons for happiness, of which the most important is […]

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| Milivoje Krivokapić

For the only one in the World – when you love what you do

The rule It is known – the campaigns are always about sending a message. That’s the rule. There is one fear, a very specific kind. It is always actual and widely present among those who work on creative projects. Surely, it can be present and creeping around the minds of people from other professions, but […]

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| Ksenija Planić

Telling the whole story

After two years of close encounters with the violent part of our reality, we did not used to the cases of domestic violence. But, from this perspective, I would say that it left it to “lay overnight” and that at least what was written, finally, should flow, strip-naked. The signing of the contract with the […]

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Blog | Ksenija Planić

Bild Studio is now part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea

We are more than excited to announce that after a multiple-step verification we are officially joining forces with Pangea.  If you are not familiar with the Pangea universe, it means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering vendors. Shameless to brag about it, right? Why did we decide […]

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Represent a working enviroment and teamwork how BILD Studio is crafting new web sites.
Blog | Marko Vukajlović

Can a website sing? Well, sure.

We have been working for 15 years to improve businesses throughout Montenegro and the world. We have a team of developers and designers at our disposal, who turn ordinary websites into machines for selling products and services. We’ve got plenty of successfully implemented projects with our name on ’em. And what is the right composition […]

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Ilustration that represents Knap Design System and all creative ideas that are hidden in its core.
| Marko Vukajlović

Knap! Remember the name

Knap is a design system used to create business information systems.

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