We are full service digital agency.

We do things with passion.
50+ people bilding.better.together.

These are just the basics

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6+ people who will penetrate any (literally any) pore of your brand before embarking on logo and website design, compiling books of graphic standards or any other kind of promo material.



Software solutions, websites, online stores, mobile applications ... There's not a thing that our 30+ professionals can't fix

Marketing & PR


Social networks, SEO, PR, strategies ... It's all there - the enthusiasm and the renaissance in a 4+ persons team



We are well-known for our apprenticeship programmes, and we also provide trainings and consulting services in the fields of design, development, marketing and PR

They trust us, so should you!
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Step by step

We see your brand as our own - so we approach it with care. Here's how.

We meet

For a cup of coffee and some chat, and so it begins.

We analyse

1, 2, 3... We test all the possibilities.

We create a plan

Strategies, tactics, Plan A, Plan B - nothing is overlooked. 

We produce

Having an idea with no final product isn't really that big of a deal, right?

We can do
things together.

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