Agile development
Creating and scaling the product is a long-term process. Changes are needed. Agile gives you the power to implement them. It’s not you, it’s us who will be suggesting improvements all along the way.
  • Right on time

We adopted Agile methodology so our clients don’t have to worry about delivery, workflow and everything related to their project. During our initial talks we analyze the scope of work and give an estimate. The word is then bond. We have a start/finish date and sprint our way to the goal.

  • Supervision

Using tools such as Jira we track our devs’ progress every day. Same applies to the client. This way, even if we are miles apart, you can overlook the whole process, comment and give suggestions. 

  • Scalability

Using Agile our clients have the freedom to change the project along the way. So, if your priorities at the moment are not the same as a month from now, it’s not a problem. We can jump to the more pressing issues. 

  • No additional costs

With a given estimate, Agile offers the possibility to change or add things, as long as it is within a timeframe set for deadline. That is not considered as extra-work. Pre-agreed price still stands.

Ekhart Yoga
  • Dedicated team

Since it is a custom tailored team, you become a sort of small business family. You get to know every one of them. It’s the expertise and involvement-of-all that leads to the ultimate solution. And your only obligation is to take them for a beer when you come visit us in Montenegro.

Nilex – team that has been developing ITSM software since 2015.


Quality assurance
Think of it as of a mother taking care of her child from the very inception. We nurture it, bring it to this world, look after it and we make sure it is ready to leave home.

Our aim is to increase the conversions and mistakes are not tolerated. To get there we use various methods of testing. We are kind of addicted to it. Our day starts with Google Analytics, Hotjar and other tools we use to stalk behaviour of your visitors.

And it doesn’t stop there. When you’re buying a car you take it to a mechanic to see if it runs properly.  Same here. Only, you don’t have to take your software anywhere.We are doing it for you. We’ll take it for a spin using a combination of manual and automatic testing, which so far proved to be the most efficient. Using micromanagement explanation – our devs code day and night (and test along the way), but right before deployment, our QA team takes over. They write more code to test the code. And so on… You get the picture.


UX & UI design
True value of your business lies in its compatibility with users’ expectations. UX&UI are the medium.

That’s why we like to create concepts you’ll be happy with. Regarding UX, there is no space for error, or even a slightest misunderstanding. Our goal is to make your product as intuitive as it can be following your business objectives.

This is our secret recipe. Or simply put – this is how we master UX:

  • Analysis of business goals

It’s a must for us to get to know your business to the core. As well as your users. Current ones and the potential ones.

  • Research and analysis of your competitors
  • Setting information architecture

Polishing it using various techniques, until it shines.

  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

 And testing. All kinds of testing. And prototyping again.

Here are some of the projects where we had full hands of UX&UI:

Alt 36 – Digital payment for cannabis

As for tools we are using, we are talking about everything on offer:
12 years ago, as pioneers, we started with Balsamiq, then we moved to UXpin, JustinMind, Invision, Sketch, Zeppelin, Adobe Xd. It’s obvious that we’ve never really lost the appetite for exploring and learning new stuff, so If anything better comes up, our hands are on it.

We have experts with 15 years of experience in the field of UI. Their only concern is crafting unique apps, websites and software interfaces to keep brands on the right track. 

Our clients tend to come back for more. We read it as a sign of a job nicely done.


Corporate Web development
We are aware there are a lot of sharks out there. But, we suppose you’d like to swim with bigger fish?

They say – you can hide a body on a second page of Google search. We say – you can’t be on a second page of Google if your presence on Google is non-existent. Along the way we’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their online presentations. Accordingly, in time, web development became our trademark. We even caught the attention of big players. We specialize in WordPress. And we are proud of our own custom made solutions.

Baby shop – Website development

Check out how we do it:

  • CMS or custom?

     By now you already know that we can work on an existing theme and upgrade it to the point where it kicks ass. But, we can create one of a kind solution tailored exclusively for your needs. What’s it gonna be is actually the decision we need to make together. After evaluating your operations model and hearing your ideas, we will come up with simple analysis on – how to proceed.  

  • Sitemap and content

     There are two important people in this phase. Actually three. Or maybe four. 
Project manager will get all the paperwork done. Then the information architect takes over and organizes the structure using all the stuff you need on your website. Then, it’s time for our magic. UX designers will make low fidelity sketches, turn them into high fidelity mockups and ultimately into – prototype. When you approve that, our UI team gets its hands on every single detail or pixel. After that it’s time for “heavy lifting” which is provided by our front and back end developers. With your desired solution coming to an end of development stage, it’s time for inspection, testing and data entry. All that’s left is the production phase and for you to sit and enjoy your new web ID.

  • Consultations

     Down the road you will have all sorts of suggestions. And we know how to listen. Just be gentle. Until the final product is presented to you, we’d like to hear all the ideas that will help make it rock.

  • Training

     You may be familiar with how CMSs work, maybe not. Either way, we’ll show you. You’ll get the invitation to come to our offices and we’ll walk you through it. Plus – you’ll get the hard copy of the instructions. Just in case.

We have designed and developed a website for Ekhart Yoga, the biggest yoga video platform in Europe
Website development for Uniqa Pure
Novogradnja – real estate eCommerce platform
Čelebić Group – website development
Website development for Filmski center Crne Gore
University of Montenegro – Guideliness for web standards and website development

We can say with great confidence that this is our glass of beer. We’ve done so many websites over the years, that we’ve lost count. Of course, we offer the following services, too:

  • maintenance
  • hosting
  • domain lease
  • SSL certificates


Mobile app development
If you want to sell, entertain, help or whatever, your mobile app has to work flawlessly in order to generate traffic.

People are glued to their phones and it’s a fact. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary. If you have an idea that you think is worth developing into an app, you should seize the opportunity.

Safe bikely – parking app

This is how we do it: 

  • Approach

      We can do it two ways: Ionic or Native. What we choose is up to you. Based on your needs and the budget, we will embark on a journey to present you with the best mobile app possible, following the latest trends in the industry.

  • Research and analysis

     To make a state of the art product we need to know what else is out there. We will look into the competition and find the best models to incorporate into your mobile app.

  • Roadmap and Design

     We can’t show you the final product yet, but we can show you how we’re going to get there. After your approval, our UX&UI teams are in charge. They’ll know where to put all the “buttons”.

  • QA

     We can’t let you have your mobile app until it works properly. Every work process has its flaws which can result in bugs. We are basically debugging until it’s flawless.

Our works:

We are aware that the whole world is going mobile. And that’s why we are focused on developing the most beautiful solutions, easy to use with an emphasis on flawless UX&UI.


Enterprise software development
10 years ago we recognised the ever emerging need for all sorts of online services. That’s why, today, we have 50 developers ready to tackle challenges we put on the table.

Bild Studio follows strict guidelines set in the software engineering production. Performance and security are of vital significance for our operations model. Enter – scalability. We know that your business is destined to grow at some point. That’s why we build structures that are easily expanded at the proper time. And these days, we love to work with Azure.

Check out how we do it

  • Defining deadlines

We will arrange a meeting and you will tell us about your needs. Then, we’ll take a couple of days to make an estimate and give you the completion date.

  • Assembling a team

Getting the right people to work on your project is essential. Thankfully, we have lots of them. And we will pick the ones that suit your needs the best. We love to come up with ideas, either we are building a product from scratch, or dealing with existing platforms. In both cases, we will propose only the maximum viable solutions that provide real value for your money. Our team leaders are 10 years in the business, so you don’t have to worry about quality assurance.

  • Project management

This is the stage where we incorporate the Agile approach. We will set the communications foundations, split the project into so called – sprints. From that point on our PM is the person responsible for the delivery.

  • Full cycle

With the whole thing in motion, it’s simple. We deliver on time. With our deal coming to a close, we can discuss further cooperation. 

It’s not the end of the story. We call ourselves – full digital agency. That means that we are full of devs, designers, managers and so on. During our work on your main project, you may have some additional requests that we could help with. And we’d be happy to. 


Prototype and mvp development
Looking for a fast developed and reliable entry-product?
Pro se – mvp mobile app

The idea of you reaching out to us is based on two things: you have a problem or idea that needs solving; your end users want innovative solutions to help them every step of the modern way. Creating something out of nothing takes time and patience, but ultimately it brings us joy. Our first step on that road is to put all your wishes on paper. We’ll try to understand your business logic and catch all the details. After that, it’s up to us to shape your story into tangible examples of the end-solutions. We call it a prototype, but you can call it whatever. What matters is that – we’ll have a pretty clear picture on how to proceed. And we proceed with MVP development. We’ll use the least amount of time possible to come up with a product that’s ready for use. That means – we’ll save you your money and you’ll have something to show to the world. And you can carry on and try to maximize its potential.  

Nilex, Sweden, mvp mobile app