Video & animation
The most crucial thing for your business is to make the right partners. At this point – you’ve come to THE one.

Do we really need to elaborate on why people should use video & animation? 

We at Bild Studio love visual things. We like to imagine, create and deliver engaging content. Whether you need a promo, full corporate video, ad, educational stuff… We can take care of the scenario, storyboard, production and post-production. Pretty much anything that you need to make your message heard.

How we do it:

  • Storyboard/script

You can’t make a pie without a recipe. Same here. Our people will transfer their ideas on a paper. All we need then is your blessing.

  • Directing and equipment

Our marketing managers and designers love motion graphics. Other than them, we have videographers and teams ready to create yet another story to remember. Underwater or on the top of the mountain. We don’t care. We can reach it.

  • Production

At this point you basically don’t have to do a thing. We’ll take care of everything. Bringing people together, securing the locations, transport, catering…

Our works:

We love projects where we can portray our creativity. And we love creating things on our own. With clients’ insights, of course.


We can help you with the promotion, too.