Agile development
Creating and scaling the product is a long-term process. Changes are needed. Agile gives you the power to implement them. It’s not you, it’s us who will be suggesting improvements all along the way.
  • Right on time

We adopted Agile methodology so our clients don’t have to worry about delivery, workflow and everything related to their project. During our initial talks we analyze the scope of work and give an estimate. The word is then bond. We have a start/finish date and sprint our way to the goal.

  • Supervision

Using tools such as Jira we track our devs’ progress every day. Same applies to the client. This way, even if we are miles apart, you can overlook the whole process, comment and give suggestions. 

  • Scalability

Using Agile our clients have the freedom to change the project along the way. So, if your priorities at the moment are not the same as a month from now, it’s not a problem. We can jump to the more pressing issues. 

  • No additional costs

With a given estimate, Agile offers the possibility to change or add things, as long as it is within a timeframe set for deadline. That is not considered as extra-work. Pre-agreed price still stands.

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  • Dedicated team

Since it is a custom tailored team, you become a sort of small business family. You get to know every one of them. It’s the expertise and involvement-of-all that leads to the ultimate solution. And your only obligation is to take them for a beer when you come visit us in Montenegro.

Nilex – team that has been developing ITSM software since 2015.