We are constantly together, so we are often called a pack


Pies in the morning, cakes in the afternoon, and a beer in the after hours.


Awaiting for lunch, lines of code, brainstorming and presenting ideas - all stuffed with coffee, and labelled on Trello and wherever Dačo says.


Opposites attract, especially if there's 50+ of them.


We build friendships, partnerships, trust, businesses, ideas, values, security... Always with dedication, and always hand in hand.

Our HR never sleeps, Iva's lurking 24/7 whenever and wherever you least expect it.


We don't joke with numbers, and here's what they say about us:

Age average 28

Musicians 30+

Athletes 30+

Cats 3+

Conferences visited 50+

Cakes eaten in a year 106

Coffee cups drank in a year 12 720

Laughs, daily ∞

Your benefits:


Free weekends

Need we explain it further?


Flexible working hours

Flexing the working hours is fine, as long as you keep the project manager happy.


Sports activities

Basketball on Tuesdays, football on Wednesdays, and kart racing on weekends. Our Steel Cobras and Black Mambas could use some reinforcement.


Lectures at conferences and faculties

You have our full support to represent us at the events to the best of your abilities. We take care of the travel expenses, while you shine.


Team building events to remember

A big one, three smaller ones and the occasional spontaneous gatherings once Johnny turns the speakers up.


Music career

On Sundays, the sounds of two bands are heard from the underground chambers of Bild.


Spacious modern offices

On workdays it's just us here, while on Saturdays the gamers take over, and on Sundays it's mostly musicians.


Working with international clients

We work for very diverse industries: from pharmaceutical and telecommunication to catering and heavy metal industries.


Free lessons in English and German, other trainings and courses

Twice a week we're learning English and German, and trainings and courses are tailored to the requirements of the teams - it's everything from PHP, Angular and Google AdWords, to psychology and finance.


Stable finances

Anyone can be late, but not Hari with the paychecks.


Say cheeeese!


Done? Great! Let's go to the team building.


Meals provided

From 12:30 to 13:00 shawarma is the showpiece. You can choose among three meals, one of which is vegetarian.


Birthday Celebrations

It is our tradition to mark each birthday with a cake, cookies, baklavas, pies, Dragan's beans, while Bild's birthday celebration is another story.


Volunteer Blood Donation Club

Every 4 months we organize blood donation campaigns for volunteers, which we did it in 2017, as well. We've received an award from the  Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro.


Participation in joint actions.

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