Online store for little stars

You probably know about the fuss when the child is born. Parents are doing everything at the last minute and the family wants to jump in. But it’s usually hard to tell what the newborn really needs. And in all that mess and the preparations for celebration – who’s got time to go to the store, right? Babyshop bridges the gap between these small and beautiful problems and the need for good products and fast delivery.

First question that came up was – how to connect thousands of products with payment sources. Being a haven for babies and bigger children, we had to come up with unique design patterns and clean UX&UI. If that wasn’t enough, the deadlines were (of course) so short it made our team cry at moments.

But, tears aside, they did a hell of a job. Developer synched an e-commerce platform. Now it’s fully integrated with payment providers. Designers gave their best to make it a webshop that stands out. They drove inspiration from baby world and parental blogs, where people talk about their best role in their lives so far. Whole process was monitored by the project manager, whose role was to see to everything being done on time and perfect as it could be.

It was an easy choice. Bild Studio is creating websites for 15 years. So, for a reasonable price you get quality and experience. Not to mention great communication with Jovana and the team. Everything was on point. I would definitely recommend doing work with them.

Petar Dragaš, CEO Babyshop

Brand new platform is popular in Montenegro, as well as in other European countries. Relatives from all around, who can be present at the main event, send their regards by just clicking a few buttons and paying from abroad. So far it has 3.5K-4.5K visitors and shoppers every month. Not bad at all. And the youngsters are happy to have all the attention/toys and gadgets they need.

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Ukus i tradicija – For all senses

Montenegro is a wonderful country. We take pride in our landscapes, culture, diversity and what not. But, what probably sets us apart from the rest of the world (at least we think so) is that there is but a small number of places on earth where you can enjoy as you can here. One of our natural wonders is hidden in the National park of Skadar Lake. And there is an old family, who has occupied Skadar Lake’s vineyards for centuries now. This is their story.

Pejanović family is known for their fine wines and natural syrups in the southern region of the country. Everything they do, they do the old-fashioned way and that’s what adds value to their products. Tourism is growing, so they decided to put their quality spirits and other beverages out there. We were in charge of developing their new brand identity, also as their first ever webshop. 

To even begin the work, we had to dig deep into the roots of that region to understand what the Pejanovic family was trying to tell the world. We realized that they need to spread the word about nature that gives them the opportunity to turn fruits into elixirs for body and mind. And that’s the idea that we brought to the table/drawing board and designed the logo and packaging. It served as a basis for a new website, too. We used a WordPress template and customized it. In the end, we added online payment, making it a nice webshop. 

With the new branding and webshop, Ukus i tradicija brand grows exponentially. Montengrins flock to Pejanovic’s estate to enjoy wines, syrups and other homemade delicacies. And not just that. Webshop is getting traction, too. More and more people want a piece of Skadar Lake in a bottle. Nothing left to say, but – cheers!

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Čelebić Group – Developed for developers

How do you build something for those who build their whole life? Well, you have to be ready to go an extra mile. Čelebić Group is a construction giant, doing business in all kinds of niches. The company is so strong that they needed a near perfect web presentation to showcase their work and might. 

To deal with this huge assignment we put together a team of 9-10 people whose job was to do nothing for a week, but to do research and give ideas. After a while we had a sketch, on top of which we wanted to build. 

The idea was to go with a fully custom built and custom designed website. Anything else would be regarded as unprofessional. We put together a team of 2 backend and 3 frontend developers. Their job was to figure out how every single piece of the puzzle can work smoothly. Large portion of work was delivered by our designers who took care of details.

Even though it’s been a couple of years since this project, it is still relevant and up to the standards of today’s web development. That’s what you get when you do things thoroughly – longevity. Just as Čelebić Group keeps on rocking the construction world. 

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Ruža vjetrova

Eager to contribute to better positioning of Ruža Vjetrova hotel, our team has invested knowledge and creativity, and jointly found the best solution for its visual presentation. Guided by the latest world’s trends and standards set, Bild Studio was responsible for the complete development of the website for this very special client of ours.

Web sites collection

Bild Studio is providing the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a unique website. Starting from analysing each client’s goals and needs, combined with the specific brand identity of their company, so far we had an opportunity to design and build websites for clients in various industries – universities, municipalities, media, tourism and hospitality sector, banking sector, insurance companies, bookmaking companies, and many more.

Below we present you some of our work.

Uniqa Montenegro

Perfect Group

Akademski integritet

Talent Alpha – Quest for IT genome

As a decade-and-a-half old software development company, Bild Studio has crossed paths with many leaders in their one respective niches. These days we are occupied with finding disruptive-driven people who intend to reshape the future. Our goal is to connect and help them bring their visions to life.

This is the story of two entities sharing the same values, passion for technology and above all else – the story of a friendship between two distant countries in the making.

Talent Alpha from Krakow-Poland is a tech-talent discovery SaaS. If you haven’t heard of them so far, then you haven’t been paying attention. TA is rocking the tech world in the last two years and taking startup competitions and worldwide scenes, big or small, by the storm.

Our first encounter was at the Web Summit in Lisbon, a couple of years back when Batric met Przemek. The rest is easy. Marko and Gosia clicked right away and that’s how we got to tell this one.

Bild Studio got the task of developing, testing and producing TA’s official website. Our main challenge was the short deadline, because TA had an important milestone to celebrate, so we had to use some extra gears to pick up the speed. Luckily (maybe not so for our devs) there is overtime and there are weekends. So… You get the picture. On the other hand, TA people, Natalia especially, were so elaborate with their requests and they had design in place already. So, we “just” put two and two together.

Szymon Niemczura, co-founder of Talent Alpha says:

“Bild Studio is Talent Alpha’s partner and we’ve chosen them compared to other CEE companies we have in our database. Their experience and offering are very attractive.”

In line with Szymon’s opinion, we chose two very attractive WordPress developers. One senior and one medior. And the main person from our side was, of course, our ultimate gem – Milica, scrum master.

“Communication with TA people was right on point. We’ve had all the info we needed straight away. That’s one of the reasons we managed to do the job on time.”, she says and bears a slight PA smile because she wanted more days to dedicate to the project.

Ultimately, our team used a custom WordPress theme with Gutenberg live editor editing capabilities. Bootstrap was our weapon of choice regarding CSS frameworks, with all its SASS modules.

Natalia and Milica are unanimous: this is the kind of project you want to be involved with. It’s not everyday that you come across someone on the other side who understands you as well as you understand them. The communication was just flawless. “We are very much satisfied with the outcome because, first of all – they listened and understood our requirements so we can manage our website efficiently. The quality of the work was very high and it was done in a short amount of time, to match out deadlines.”, says Natalia.

Our friendship continues to the day. We hear from each other on a weekly basis. Truly. We even endorse one another on LinkedIn. :D

As noted in the prologue – this is a relationship likely to continue. Why? Let the people speak:

“I would recommend Bild Studio because they are not afraid of challenges, they are hard working and have a very positive approach to projects.”

Szymon, Talent Alpha

“It’s a relief when you work with professionals who know exactly what they want. I hope to work with the Talent Alpha team again soon, ’cause they are a breath of fresh air.” Milica, Bild Studio

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21% decrease

in bounce rate

5% increase

in average time spent on website

30% increase

in conversion rates