We build enterprise solutions, web/mobile, design, branding

You name it - we’ll do something about it.

Tech stack:


- .NET Core (C#)
- Laravel (PHP)
- Node.js (JavaScript)


- Angular
- React
- Vue.js


- Ionic
- Cordova
- React Native
- Xamarin


- Azure
- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- On-premise infrastructure

Dedicated team

Our expertise runs deep. Based on the requirements of your project, we can assemble a specific team of devs and UX&UI designers to be at your full disposal, with a PM on top of it.

Whether you are building your business from scratch, you need to improve an existing platform, or you're simply looking for an extra pair of hands to help you out.


Fixed price project

If you have a clear idea about your product, we can give an estimate and get right to it. Our people will help with planning and overall architecture. With the start date and completion deadline set, it's time for us to do the magic.

We excel at saas, itsm, web/mobile apps, e-commerce, banking, telecommunications, retail...