Ukus i tradicija – For all senses

Montenegro is a wonderful country. We take pride in our landscapes, culture, diversity and what not. But, what probably sets us apart from the rest of the world (at least we think so) is that there is but a small number of places on earth where you can enjoy as you can here. One of our natural wonders is hidden in the National park of Skadar Lake. And there is an old family, who has occupied Skadar Lake’s vineyards for centuries now. This is their story.

Pejanović family is known for their fine wines and natural syrups in the southern region of the country. Everything they do, they do the old-fashioned way and that’s what adds value to their products. Tourism is growing, so they decided to put their quality spirits and other beverages out there. We were in charge of developing their new brand identity, also as their first ever webshop. 

To even begin the work, we had to dig deep into the roots of that region to understand what the Pejanovic family was trying to tell the world. We realized that they need to spread the word about nature that gives them the opportunity to turn fruits into elixirs for body and mind. And that’s the idea that we brought to the table/drawing board and designed the logo and packaging. It served as a basis for a new website, too. We used a WordPress template and customized it. In the end, we added online payment, making it a nice webshop. 

With the new branding and webshop, Ukus i tradicija brand grows exponentially. Montengrins flock to Pejanovic’s estate to enjoy wines, syrups and other homemade delicacies. And not just that. Webshop is getting traction, too. More and more people want a piece of Skadar Lake in a bottle. Nothing left to say, but – cheers!

Check it here.

Let’s do it Montenegro

The project made for the needs of Let’s do it Montenegro campaign.

Šime is back – Viber stickers

Šime is back!

Eva Viber stickers

Wait, you want to say that you’ve persuaded someone who is the traditional person and hardly changes his habits to come into the online world? And only in a few months?

A good old saying is that nothing is impossible if you want it big enough and that this claim is true, we can talk about on the example of Šime, the cover face of the brand Eva. :)

How did it begin?

In cooperation with Šime’s team, we decided that it’s time to present this most charming Adriatic fisherman on one of the most popular communication platforms.

Šime like Šime – despite the fact that he is known like someone who is traditional, he is still completely relaxed and someone with whom it is easy to make an agreement, so he gave us a green light and the whole process started. :D

What made our job easier is that Šime once told us how others see him – as a carefree optimist who is their first association on the sea and childhood and who always awake positive emotions and memories.

However, no matter how relaxed and bright-spirited he is, he doesn’t accept anything less than high quality, both in terms of brand products and his personal marketing, so he made it clear to us – job must be done perfect and precise even in the smallest details. :)

And the result?

25 Viber stickers approved by Šime. In trust, he told us that he can’t choose the only one which is his favorite and dares you to try to do that. :)

Restaurant menus collection

Surf Shop Visual identity

Surf Shop logo was inspired by street typography – graffiti, that are part of subculture which is sometimes a rebellion, sometimes personal and pure artistic expression. Since the activity of creating graffiti occurs spontaneously, logo is designed in a brush font that gives the handcrafted feel and an impression of fast movement and the dynamism of water sports, but also includes the motive of a sea foam

Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra

When an organization exists for 10 years, it is up to celebrate it, and is there a better way than to organize a concert?

In order to increase visibility and reach better recognition, we created a key visual for the concert of the audio-visual project Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra, organized by an Open Sound organization.

Visual identity is created by our Luka Žarić, and we can hardly wait to enjoy this avant-garde spectacle that will be held on June 26 in KIC Budo Tomović.

Tailor your financial stability – Campaign

[print and digital campaign]

Client: Prva Banka Crne Gore

Primary goal:

Differentiate the solution from the existing competitors and thus refresh the return of the Prva Banka to the market, which has maintained low profile over the past years.

Slogan i dizajn:

“Tailor your financial stability” communicates the creation of long-term plans and therefore long-term relationships with the clients of Prva banka. The tone of communication is direct, confident, personal, giving trust and integrity. The slogan carries a little bit aggressive message, while on the other hand, the visual balances the tone of communication with slightly desaturized, warm and pastel colors.

This solution was made in 2016.


  • Key visual design
  • Creative writing, creating slogan for the needs of the campaign
  • Creating other print materials

Copyright © 2016 Bild Studio & Prva banka

Relstone Real Estate

[Logo, branding, print and digital campaign]

Client: Relstone real estate


  • Key visual design
  • Company’s slogan
  • Creating other print materials

OPRD – IPA component III

Bild Studio is engaged as a technical support for the “Implementation of the Communication Action Plan”, as part of the Operational Programme “Regional Development” (2012-2013), financially supported by the European Union. The program is implemented by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Directorate of Public Works. Bild Studio is engaged in the areas of graphic and web design (design of complete visual identity), marketing and project management. 

The prorgam includes five infastructure projects in the field of railway transport and environmental protection, with the main objective to improve living standards and environmental conditions in Montenegro, in accordance with national policies and strategies and the EU framework.

In addition to the project’s slogan and key message, conducted field research and the website development, Bild Studio also designed unique logo and promotional material. Follow the text below to check out the applied design solution.

Štrafta gastro bar

When creating a logo, we aim to make it unique, simple, appealing and easy to remember.
Logo for “Štrafta” gastro bar, which means “stripe”, is a combination of rustic and modern, wood and metal, recalling an urban place with a soul and warmth of a hearty welcome. Guided by the energy of “Štrafta”, logo is dynamic and energized, but at the same time geometrically regular and balanced. This is a handheld logo design, which makes it unique and inimitable. Moves are sharp, giving the effect of rawness, yet the line has the same thickness along the entire move which gives it a modern look. A stripe, as an integral part of the logo, serves as a decoration but also can be used as a graphic element independently.

photo: Aleksandar Lex Jaredić

Menu needs to be in line with overall corporate identity and brand standards, therefore its design can be described as playful, urban and freed from rules, standing out with surreal vintage illustrations where each object is put in an unexpected and different role from its original use.

Branding and design: Bild Studio
Interior design: A4 studio