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Pimalion® – marketing resource management software

Pimalion® is a Belgian company that provides easy solutions for B2B and B2C marketing – online and offline. Retailers love it because they can get their hands on a high-performance engine they can use on a daily basis to create publications suitable for all channels and all media. There are five pillars that Pimalion’s business model relies on: optimization of the timeframe, boosting marketeers’ efforts, promotion, multichannel approach, management of the information flow. Bild Studio is working on this one in cooperation with our partners – Net2.

Pimalion is used by the biggest European brands. Some of the customers are companies like Carrefour, Auchan, Mr Bricolage, etc.


  • Back-End: .Net Core 3, MongoDB, Lucene, Elastic Search
  • AI: Google Vision, Microsoft Computer Vision, IBM Watson, Google Translation
  • Front-End: Angular, Html5
  • Infrastructure: 100% Cloud: Azure, MongoDB Atlas and managed services (LogEntries, Sendgrid…)
  • DevOPS: Azure DevOPS, PowerShell
  • Project Management: Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Trello, Slack

10 000

documents automatically generated in less than 2 hours






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Safe Bikely – Lockers with a pinch of IoT

Quick overview

Do you know that 3.5M bikes get stolen in Europe every year? That makes it – six per minute. Yes, you can buy some kind of lock, but that won’t stop thieves in their malicious intent. Well, until now. We present to you a new breed in the bicycle storage world – Safebikely. In short – there is a big box on the sidewalk, in the park, or in front of your office and actually what it is – is your own bike parking space. And all you need to do is get the Safebikely app and rid yourselves of the worry. Plus, if you are in the rush, you can store some other goods, too. There is plenty of space.


Our partners from Norway had the app in hand, but it needed modifications and upgrades. The problems were related to pretty generic backend solutions. That meant a whole lot of pain for the client, because the performance of the app was poor and that further meant – bad user experience. Speaking of UX/UI – the client’s initial requirement was an immediate upgrade and coming up with new ideas. Also, one of the first tasks for our tech department was the creation of a new admin panel.

Bild Studio solutions

New admin panel is in the phase of development and it is going to be based on improved architecture. Bild Studio added a dashboard for easier business flow tracking. Our design team made a new logo for Safebikely and our third team is working on a new website. The mobile app is refreshed with new colors and there are new simplified registration flow and language picker. Since we’re talking about a sort of IoT solution, of course, we are on the cloud.

To be continued…

We are in the negotiation process with the client at the moment. We are thinking of how to proceed. Do we create a completely new mobile app or should we drastically redesign the existing one… Also, we are talking about the creation of a new device management platform.

  • Languages:C#, JavaScript
  • Back-End Developer: .Net Core
  • Front-End Developer: React.js
  • DevOps: Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud
  • Project Management: Atlassian Confluence, Slack, Hangouts


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Showreel 2021.

It’s been long and fruitful 11 years. New day brings a sense of pride, because we’ve become premium partners to Europe’s most advanced and most dynamic startups and enterprises.

Bild Studio is constantly generating new ideas and custom software solutions for the disruptive world we are living in at the moment. 

Everything we do is based on our design-driven ideology, while we try to embed the best customer-centric experiences into every pixel and line of code. 

Check out a brief overview of our work done during the chaotic 2020.

Give us a line if you like what you see and if you consider developing some awesome project. We’d like to hear about it.


Ekhart Yoga

Enter the world of Zen.

“The migration to a new development partner with a platform that is having hundred thousands of visitors on a monthly basis is a big step. Ever since the first contact and all along with the migration Bild Studio has been an extended part of our team and family. With very clear lines of communication and flawless documentation, they have made light years of improvements to our product and the experience for our customers. We highly recommend Bild Studio.” (Bas Paul – Founder of Ekhart Yoga)

Quick overview

Ekhart Yoga is a badass online platform based in the Netherlands, with subscribers in 122 countries all over the world. With monthly traffic of 100K visitors, 40TB of video streaming and 80GB of content it is one of the biggest in the business. The biggest in Europe. It all started back in 2012, when Esther Ekhart’s dream became reality.

Today, 50 teachers offer 3.5K online yoga classes and much more…


In2018. the platform was a bit out of shape and it needed structural upgrades. Monolith application used meant – no microservices. Application tools were outdated too and everything was based on the old PHP version. That brought a lot of security issues. Bild Studio had to insure a balance between platform stability and building new features. At that point, Ekhart Yoga was unable to offer flawless experience to its emerging markets across the globe. 


We set the team of 10 of our brightest and synced them with the goal of delivering contemporary, high-end, high quality, up to the standard – product. Our first aim was to keep the existing platform alive and stop it from crashing every once in a while. We started with the track record a.k.a – documenting the work which also serves as a foundation for the future steps. With it, the payment system was on the brink of collapse, too, so we had to implement a new one. By stabilizing the platform, we got to the point of making a new environment in Docker. From that point forward ideas kept coming. We made a decision to move to the cloud. Azure gave us the opportunity to have an open infrastructure. And then it was time to start polishing. Our UX team got its hands on changing the looks of homepage, on-boarding, new notifications flow, comments and FAQ redesign…

To be continued..

Even though EY came to us with a handful of requests, we became a sort of business family. We consult daily. The most important decision we made together was to move forward with a complete rewrite of the platform. At the moment we have a vision divided into three objectives: new scalable and stable environment, faster and more modern website and reliable and usable data. Basically, it means we are making the whole process easier – for the user and for the stakeholders, also. Prettier, too.

Now all yogis can focus on cleansing their minds and bodies, with no distractions.

To see what we’ve actually achieved check out the website, and of course the results below.


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Crnogorski Telekom

This story (kinda) began back in 2005. when big players began flocking into Montenegro. One of them, and we could say – one of the prestigious ones, was Deutsche Telekom.

Quick overview

To put it short – this telecommunications giant is present in Montenegro by the name of Crnogorski Telekom. With over half a million customers and ever changing business landscape, Crnogorski Telekom was in need of a brand new, custom built, corporate website. So we offered our know-how and team of 20+ people. In terms of work scope – let’s just say that the company has 50% share in internet coverage and 33% in mobile network nationwide. Oh.. And 500+ employees, too.


With such an amount of online traffic and a shift towards e-sales, Crnogorski Telekom tasked us with a specific request of building a platform, which should be intuitive, more dynamic and responsive.

One of the main challenges was automation of business processes related to: e-commerce, marketing, storage and payment.

Plus, the old platform was loosely integrated with the backend ordering system. We had to make an integration with Crnogorski Telekom’s AMDOCS back office system and a few others. All along the way we were obliged to follow Deutsche Telekom’s global guidelines.


First things first – Bild Studio completely changed the structure of the old website. We came up with unique design features and modules. Then, we turned to the development of completely new UX and dynamic e-commerce functionalities. E-Commerce platform has been developed with a fully functional product catalogue. Client’s essential request was – responsiveness, so we gave our best to match the desktop and mobile version. 

To be continued…

Since it is a full custom built website, Bild Studio is in charge of maintenance and developing new functionalities.

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Back-End Developer: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, MySQL
  • Front-End Developer: Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, Kendo UI, Node.js (npm), Webpack
  • Project Management: Atlassian Jira, TFS, Skype, Discord, G suite

Check it out: Crnogorski Telekom


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