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Aluma – Rebranding done right

For the last 10 years Bild Studio has been on a path of cooperation with Montenegrin companies of different domains. On their road to success we help with brand guidelines, attracting customers and overall – we help the development of Montenegrin economy. One of those is called Aluma d.o.o. – upcoming frontrunner in the field of aluminum and inox profiles, aluminum doormat systems, expansion joints and wall and corner protection systems.

They say: 

„We are proud to be a pioneer manufacturer of our branch of products and services in Montenegro. With company development, came the need for a brand that could represent our image and vision. In our opinion, a demanding task – to present a completely new brand on the domestic market.“

Aluma d.o.o. expanded rapidly and a need for the new face arose. To become recognized, the company decided to go through the process of rebranding. With both parties involved, we agreed on a visual which represents the company’s business operations. Four our design department that meant – sheer joy. First step has been made towards the unique logo. It is a combination of a letter A and elements from Aluma’s profiles and joints.

„The choice of a partner for this process for us was relatively easy, because Bild Studio is one of the leading branding companies in Montenegro, with regard to quality of work, and a professional approach to this type of creative challenge.“

Then we moved on with changing colour palette and brand guidelines so we could fully exploit aforementioned logo. Other than that, Bild Studio is in charge of Aluma’s new website. UX&UI team is using new roadmap while creating fully functional and intuitive web presentation. Additionally, our design team has been involved in the creation of Aluma’s corporate video.

This project is supported by EBRD through program called „Advice for small businesses“.

„With great support of EBRD-a, as well as a highly qualified team of experts and designers from Bild Studio, we can say with great assurance, that the goal of this project has been successfully accomplished.“

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