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It is said that the fairies loved roaming through the vast green planes and rigid mountain gorges in the region of Montenegrin village of Piva. With fairies gone, a century and a half ago, there was a man who roamed the same place. He was one of a kind, true warrior, and a legend goes that he was the quickest in any aspect, hence the nickname – Thunder.

Famous duke Lazar Sočica a.k.a. Thunder was the most prominent person in Piva. And still is. His descendants decided to keep his spirit alive. Some of them got into tourism. They took an old house, remodeled it and a traditional Montenegrin restaurant was born bearing his name. With scaling business, the time has come for them to breathe new life into their visuals. That’s where Bild Studio comes in.

Sočica restaurant got the new logo and branding. We used cyrilic alphabet as a reminder to old, glorious times. Speaking of history, we couldn’t overlook the tradition. That’s why our team of designers used golden threads and warm brown colour which are harmonised with old Montenegrin, unique interiors. Using cyrilic gave us the opportunity to play with a letter C, or – Ц, to refer to Sočica’s famous moustache.

The area of Piva is full of legends, long stories of old times, and it’s always a pleasure to dive into one or two of them. Speaking of – it is a pleasure to enjoy traditional Montenegrin delicacies in the Sočica restaurant, too.

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