Čelebić Group – Developed for developers

How do you build something for those who build their whole life? Well, you have to be ready to go an extra mile. Čelebić Group is a construction giant, doing business in all kinds of niches. The company is so strong that they needed a near perfect web presentation to showcase their work and might. 

Čelebić Grupa

To deal with this huge assignment we put together a team of 9-10 people whose job was to do nothing for a week, but to do research and give ideas. After a while we had a sketch, on top of which we wanted to build. 

The idea was to go with a fully custom built and custom designed website. Anything else would be regarded as unprofessional. We put together a team of 2 backend and 3 frontend developers. Their job was to figure out how every single piece of the puzzle can work smoothly. Large portion of work was delivered by our designers who took care of details.

Even though it’s been a couple of years since this project, it is still relevant and up to the standards of today’s web development. That’s what you get when you do things thoroughly – longevity. Just as Čelebić Group keeps on rocking the construction world. 

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