Bild Studio is now part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea

Ksenija Planić
Ksenija Planić
March 10, 2022

We are more than excited to announce that after a multiple-step verification we are officially joining forces with Pangea

If you are not familiar with the Pangea universe, it means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering vendors. Shameless to brag about it, right?


Why did we decide to go through the Pangea verification?

In the ocean of various marketplaces for software design and development, this one stands out because the remarks are given by a company’s clients, and by the company’s employees which we appreciate the most.

The truth is, we are turning 12 in a few days, and these are the years when big transitions begin. In the first years of existence, we were more interested in exploring rather than sharpening our focus, but as we are getting more mature, we focus on quality.

We aim to be recognized as a software design and development company that is agile to its core.  

Growth is our natural path from the beginning, but it is not hard for us to let go of our “baby” and accept that our child is growing up. In the last quarter of 2021, we found ourselves reorganizing our company, and we are still in the process. When we got acquainted with Pangea’s onboarding process, it sounded like a reality check, so, we went for it.

Speaking of growth, seeing our partners grow drives us forward. Or, like our CEO Aleksandra says, “solving business problems is the adrenaline rush we are looking for”.

Well… How was it?

Pangea’s DNA is all about verification and due diligence, and it helped us analyze the organizational aspects from a new angle. So we jumped in the game. We’ve been carefully guided throughout the whole process which is, by the way, organized so it keeps your dopamine levels high.

Since the well-being and development of our people are one of our high priorities we have created a culture where most of our employees are friends in their free time. 

We always have an urge to highlight the fact that we’re constantly evaluating our own work, discussing solutions, and implementing improvements. And even though our employees are surveyed 3 times a year we were impatient to see their feedback gathered by Pangea.

Pangea Verified Status

Drum_roll: The unlocked team health score is 9.1. 

Ok, it reflects that we are on the right track, but it also says that we have a looot of room for improvement, since our team members’ satisfaction is 8.9. (thumbs down)

The score we are proud of is the one achieved for personal growth which is 9.4. Bild Studio’s culture was built on the premise “we are more about sharing than owning”, especially when it comes to knowledge, so we were glad to see that even new people who went through the Pangea platform interviews perceive it this way too.

The team stats we are not happy with is gender balance. 1:3 women to man ratio we would really like to see changed in the near future. Currently, we have women in the top and middle management, but we are lacking them in development and design.

And what about client’s satisfaction?

9.5/10 (Ok, we threaten them :)).

Jokes aside, this reflects our dedication to our partners. We truly are glad to see that the culture we cultivate is perceived by them. But not everything is in numbers, let us hear some real comments: 

”We selected Bild Studio after speaking to several vendors and the key thing that Bild does better than others in the space is: Asking the right questions. You can tell they approach projects thoughtfully because of the quality of the questions. ”

Corey Henderson, CTO @Funzi, Finland

This is the project we fell in love with at the beginning since Funzi represents the world’s most accessible learning environment. They disrupt traditional learning systems, and they exist to ensure that learning is accessible to everyone. Feels so good to be part of their story. 

On a similar note, we got feedback from Ognjen Ikovic, CoFounder and CEO of Vladam, VizLore Digital Asset Management 

”The UX&UI team will go the extra mile and will ask difficult questions. It is the team of thinkers, we consult them for every decision regarding the product development. The team never hid anything from us, and we found that to be extremely valuable.”

And about long term relationships:

We have indeed good cooperation and they are always able to provide us with high quality product development and later support. 

Stefan Jelušić, Product Owner @ UNIQA Montenegro

Final score

In the end, Our final Pangea score is 9.3. Not great, not terrible. And that is the thing with us – we never settle for safe. It motivates us to work further on reinventing our quality system. 

The core value of the Pangea universe is transparency, and we hope to attract those who appreciate it the way we do. If your ride ends here, that means there is chemistry, so, you may take a better look at our profile.

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