First place at SoMo Borac for the campaign Tell the Whole Story

Milivoje Krivokapić
Milivoje Krivokapić
November 16, 2022

At the tenth anniversary of SoMo Borac competition, Bild Studio won the first prize for the “Tell the whole story” campaign, in the SoMoritanac category, which is awarded for projects aimed at solving global or local problems.

Our first SoMo baby

Recognition of this kind gives us a bunch of reasons for happiness, of which the most important is that our contribution to the fight against gender-based violence is recognized, giving us the motivation to choose projects that make a positive impact on society in the future.

The Crew

Our first SoMo Borac statuette fills us with satisfaction, especially because we did the campaign in a single breath. Therefore, a big thanks to the ultra-sharp jury, which singled out our project among the others. They had their hands full, we know from experience.

Congratulations to the organizers of the festival on their jubilee and record number of submitted projects (over 200).

We would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign. A huge thanks goest to to the team of the Council of Europe and the European Union for the shown confidence, and to the other partners from the project for their cooperation: SOS Podgorica, Women’s Rights Center, the Association of Judges of Montenegro, the Supreme Court of Montenegro and the Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare.

One of the Winners

We’ve shared the finals with:

Communis and Koncern Bambi A.D. Požarevac: project: ‘Equality begins at home’ (Plazma)

Communis and WWF Adria, project: ‘Vila Wilderness’.

And below is the case study video that won us first place.

Tell the Whole Story – campaign for the promotion of the Free Legal Aid

Any similarity to kolo dance is purely coincidental. A peek 👇

Winner’s dance (left to right): Ksenija Planić, Milivoje Krivokapić and our CEO, Aleksandra Bošković Delagić

We will knock down with a few lines from our Ksenija Planić, also a member of the jury, which may be useful for fans of the festival:

  • Applications from Montenegro in the SoMo advertising stream were none (except for ours), and we are witnessing something interesting occasionally happening in our field. It meant a lot for us to connect with colleagues from the region, and we think that it would be useful for other agencies as well. This is followed by the fact that BalCannes Creative officially closed its doors for Montenegro this year, again, due to a lack of applications. Therefore, a small call-up – let’s wake up brothers and sisters. 🙂
  • The categories SomoWeb and SoMoTech record a small number of applications – which is again a space for the visibility of our dear IT companies’ work. Open yourself for application, show what you do, because you have a lot of it. At the end, SoMo Borac repays with a great party. 🙂
  • SomoGlobal has been introduced – again, a space for IT companies that sell their skills by creating digital products for the global market.
  • The festival adheres to quality and professionalism, therefore a special love for Somo Borac, it is a big honor to be part of its jury. ❤️ This year was definitely marked by socially responsible projects, which says to me – there is hope for us.
  • Congratulations to all the winners. Without any exaggeration – about 15 projects totally blew us away, singling out a few who, in fact, drew laughter from us because we love charismatic brands: Imago Ogilvy and Studenac, project: GUC GUC (Studena), Imago Ogilvy – Pipi guza, Pioniri Communications and Metalac – Umetnica mora jesti kuvano, Friday Finally i Polovni automobili, project: 18+ godina sa vama and Burek Olimpia.

Imago Ogilvy and Studenac, project: GUC GUC (Studena)

Imago Ogilvy – Pipi guza

Pioniri Communications and Metalac – Umetnica mora jesti kuvano

Friday Finally and Polovni automobili, project: 18+ godina sa vama

Burek Olimpia – In charge during the night

To avoid any further favoritism, throw a glance at the amazing winners of the SomoBorac award for 2022.

Pic of winning speech for family Viber group

Finally –  a big shout to the team and everyone who supported the campaign!

For a reminder, the campaign “Tell the Whole Story” brought us in May three CIM forum Awards in the categories: Agency of the Year, Creativity, Best planning & creative usage of media.

Till, we hope, the next Zagreb.

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