Can a website sing? Well, sure.

Marko Vukajlović
Marko Vukajlović
January 31, 2022

We have been working for 15 years to improve businesses throughout Montenegro and the world. We have a team of developers and designers at our disposal, who turn ordinary websites into machines for selling products and services. We’ve got plenty of successfully implemented projects with our name on ’em.

And what is the right composition for your site?

Every business can use a website to increase sales, strengthen communication, provide better service

Digital ID card – the link between the services you offer and the user.
If you are aware of the benefits that a well-optimized and “tidy” site offers, you may be wondering how to get one…
Hiring the right “contractor” is a crucial step.

Experience shows that the most common mistakes are: choosing cheap solutions from unverified agencies, engaging acquaintances, relatives, company employees, baby sister….

At this step, the old saying: “You get what you pay for” – is as true as it gets.

Be careful with agency choices. You don’t want counterproductive solutions

A website that is meaningless, full of discrepansies, poorly designed, non-functional, non-optimized for mobile phones can be the “killer” of your efforts to increase sales or promote your business.

Anti-advertising: instead of benefits, the website becomes a real headache for users.

Choose the right key and enjoy the harmony

  • Bild web team has over 10 years of experience and over 400 realized projects in the field of web design
  • Standardized work process: planning, concept development, UX and UI design, development, testing and production
  • Agile methodology – for more efficient work and communication
  • A complete team of experts is engaged in each project:
    Project Manager, UX & UI Designer, Copywriter, Developer, Tester

Represent a working enviroment and teamwork how BILD Studio is crafting new web sites.

With a well-designed organization of work, established channels of communication and a clearly defined framework for completing tasks, your website can be a song for all ears.

Behold the projects our team completed in 2021.

Hotel & resort Stara Čaršija – The intoxicating spirit of Stari Bar

One of the most beautiful estates in Bar was looking for a new aesthetic layout, which will properly evoke the offer of hotels and resorts.

We started from the beginning: by setting up a logical structure, so that visitors and administrators could easily navigate the site. Then we dedicated ourselves to improving the functionality, so that the website would be easy to use.

And, all the while we were doing “rough work,” our designers were working on solving a part of the aesthetics. That is why this site is currently far ahead of the competition – a fact supported by the fact of increasing traffic from month to month.

ICT Cortex – United under one banner

Things that are done from the scratch deserve full commitment, and our teams love such projects, above all.

ICT Cortex started a great story, and we helped them from several fronts: web development, design, preparation, consulting…

We created a logo, we chose the colors and structure of the site and what is most important – we presented the community of Montenegrin IT companies in a way that is in line with the organizations from leading IT hubs.

Employers’ Union – Annual report done right

The favorite part of the job is when we turn boring into interesting. Because when did any report hold people’s attention?

It’s possible it’s going on now. We have created a special website for the client, where you can find all the information about the annual activities of the organization.

Most of the work was about taming the data, i.e. their volume. But in the end, they are all well packed and ready to download.

All data is now easier to access and more readable, which was the main topic of this project – solving the user experience.

Talent Alpha – Looking for tech-talents

Talent Alpha is one of the favorite sites our web team has worked on. For Polish partners, we only had 5-6 days to code a completely new site.

The mitigating circumstance was that we had design part done in advance, but the trench work was done by our girls and boys and the website for Talent Alpha was ready in time for a big event for the company – one of the leading startups in this part of Europe.

We opted for the WordPress custom theme with Gutenberg live editor capabilities, using Bootstrap with all SASS modules.

Hole Conte mockup

Hotel ConteA combination of tradition and modernity

The tourism industry in Montenegro is still in its infancy, and those forward thinking are coming to the surface with pure effort and commitment.

Such is one of our clients, who wanted to have a seductive, high-quality and above all – functional presentation of his business.

Given the existing website, our teams first decided to have fun with the design and make the new website sophisticated, elegant and help it “sing”. That’s what happened.

The overall ambience of the site currently draws on the sea, smells of the sea and exudes the sea.

Hlada MontHotel & distribution

If you need to centralize your business in web format, you’re in the right place.

For a big client engaged in related, and yet different, activities, we have created one hub – one station for all their visitors and clients.

Their structure so far has been “on all sides”, the websites have worked separately and were outdated. So we suggested we go with one, which will unite the whole company and evoke its spirit. To achieve this, our branding team had their hands full with work, which they eventually handled with pleasure and in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Babyshop – Online shop for little stars

The developer has synchronized the e-commerce platform, which is fully aligned with the providers.

The designers got their hands on all the engines to create a webshop that would stand out from the crowd. They drew inspiration from parenting blogs, where people talk about all the things related to the most beautiful vocation in the world.

Nothing in Bild goes without a project manager, who is essentially the oversight body and filter before the final version of the product we offer.

Vinery Taste and Tradition – Order top wines online

Another website, which we brought to the world with great pleasure, is dedicated to traditional values ​​and the sale of wine and juices.

There was no doubt that we would choose the WordPress theme, to make it easier to navigate visitors. So far, we are well-versed in connecting payment systems, so we solved that part quickly.

Considering that we were also in charge of branding on this project, the story is completed with a unique design, which is minimalist in nature and reminds us of the client’s homeland – the Skadar Lake region.

Verde Village – Where home means more

The world of real estate is booming, so the market must adapt. That is, builders are looking for the best presentation of their companies.

We liked working on a beautiful site, which is modern, harmoniously packaged, and which clearly gives all the information to visitors. That is, it is informative and clear.

In the end, all this brought more conversions to the client, the apartments for sale gained in attractiveness, and the sum of everything is the growing trend of customer interest.

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