Growth against the odds

Marko Vukajlović
Marko Vukajlović
April 18, 2021

2020. was Rock&Roll and we opted to dance in the rhythm opposite to the music.

Come March last year, we had to optimize. Bild Studio, at that moment 75 strong, was pretty clear about two things: tough times were heading our way and we were not going to let any of our people go! At that point we relied on our skills and perseverance as a team. And karma. Why karma? Well, because it paid us back big time later on.

Opening new markets

Since its inception, Bild has been oriented towards providing all kinds of services related to software development, web development and design (in general) to a broader European market. So far, we’ve been successful in the Benelux and DACH area. Today we are a recognized premium partner to many enterprises championing disruptive technologies. 

Bild Studio has been recognized as a Top 30 B2B Website Design Companies in 2021 by DesignRush.

Also, 2020. gave us a platform to increase our reach and find new partners. 


It all began with development of a new Funzi e-learning platform. Funzi uses robust mobile technology to make courses accessible anywhere, anytime and they are optimized for easy learning. Funzi’s unique mobile pedagogy is an innovative and scientifically-proven method designed for learning. To help learners digest information, courses include: learning in bite-sized portions, quizzes and final exams. The courses are not tied to deadlines and allow users to learn at their own pace.

Funzi e-learning platform

Tech details:

  • Languages: JavaScript
  • Front-End Developer: JavaScript
  • Back-End Developer: MongoDB, NodeJS
  • Project Management: Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Notion, Slack


Tech-talent discovery SaaS Talent Alpha from Krakow was in need of a website redesign. Bild got the task of developing, testing and producing it. Our teams used a custom WordPress theme with Gutenberg live editor editing capabilities. Regarding CSS frameworks, we chose bootstrap with all its SASS modules. Talent Alpha was ready to shine at their big company celebration and to brag about their fully refurbished online presentation. 

Talent Alpha – website development


UNIQA Insurance Group AG is an international giant and so far Bild Studio has provided many services for their branches all around Europe. UNIQA Pure is a digital insurance platform which aims to provide a 100% online self-service to its customers. Platform currently offers online purchase and management of household and travel insurance with plans to further expand its product portoflio.

Uniqa Pure – prototype development

Home turf

In 2021. we continue to work on new upgrades for international heavyweights, such as our long-term partner Telekom Crna Gora, among others. 

Telekom Crna Gora – Custom built webshop

Birth of our own products

Bild Studio entered 2020. with great hopes. Our projections for the upcoming year hit record levels. Clients and projects kept coming. Big and small. But, all of a sudden, nice chunk of it came to a halt. Instead of panic (and we thought about it) we decided to go all-in and use the situation to our advantage. 

Design system

To build things our way it takes time, patience and lots of forward thinking people. To shorten the process we decided to create a centralized system, which will serve as a hub for the upcoming projects. 

“Design system is a set of guidelines, standards, components and patterns which combined allows us to standardize and cover big portion of interface use cases. That way we can create loads of web applications that aren’t necessarily custom solutions.”

Danko Keković, design system creator

Design system is meant to speed up design and development processes, to raise quality and consistency of the final products and to enhance communication and work processes among teams involved. Google Material Design System is the foundation for the whole operation. It’s probably going to be an open source tool, which ultimately means that other enterprises looking to upgrade their business operations can enjoy it no strings attached.

Bild ERP

Bild ERP is our baby which will ignite the change in our working practices and set sail towards product-oriented markets. The idea is to enhance automatization of internal processes, standardization of knowledge and working procedures. All that through our newly set “design driven development system”, which guarantees the best UX&UI practices. The plan is to test it in 2021. Then, we intend to try it out on the market in 2022.

Also, we’ve talked about Mennoo

Mennoo – Mobile app

Behind the curtain

All of the services on our menu are underpinned by a strong multi-split web of communication between various departments. Sales, Finances and our HR people are constantly developing new tactics to ensure that things go as smoothly as they are supposed to, that deadlines are met, that the finances are on point.

Our main goal for the 2021./2022. is to attract even more highly qualified engineers. We’ve never been more open to new colleagues and trying new things, as we expect to grow to more than a 100 people over the ongoing year. But, let us talk you through that in a separate story.

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