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Ljiljana Polić
Ljiljana Polić
May 3, 2017

The Steering Committee of The Association of Montenegrin Managers awarded the most successful managers and entrepreneurs in Montenegro, of which Tarik Zaimović, Bild Studio’s director, received an award for the manager of the year in small companies.

Source: Association of Montenegrin Managers

Tarik Zaimović has been part of a Bild Studio development for 10 years now, which resulted in a successful agency that now offers a wide range of services (design; video and user experience, web design, web, mobile applications and software development, website development, hosting, marketing, consultancy and professional training). With his dedication to work, constant learning and clear vision, Bild Studio has become the fastest growing agency in the country with over 1000 successful projects.

Such results could not be achieved without successful management, which is reflected in defined vision, initiative, risk readiness, teamwork, quality planning and the ability to anticipate changes and new market opportunities.

Source: Association of Montenegrin Managers

A public competition for the award had a good response, as 156 proposals were received, of which 90 candidates were accepted in 11 different categories. The annual awards of the Association of Montenegrin Managers were given in the following categories:

  • Manager of the year in large companies and joint stock companies – Vladimir Lučić, Executive Director of Telecommunication Company Mtel;
  • Entrepreneur of the year, two equal awards: Hilmija Franca, General Manager of Meso-traffic and Gojko Bajović, General Director of Okov;
  • Manager of the year in medium – sized companies – Ljilja Pižurica, Executive Director of Neregelia;
  • Manager of the year in small companies – Tarik Zaimović, Director of Bild Studio;
  • Manager of the year in micro enterprises – Dragan Babić, CEO of D Photo Trade;
  • Young Manager of the Year – Mitar Jokić, Executive Director of Niksic Mlin;
  • Manager of the year in public companies – Dragan Laketić, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CES;
  • Project Manager of the Year – Veselin M. Kovačević, CEO of Bemax;
  • Manager of the year in public institutions and local administrations – Nebojša Kavarić, Director of the PHI Podgorica Health Center;
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Milan J. Perović, Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Montenegro;
  • The best institution for education and manager training – Faculty of Economics in Podgorica.

Source: Association of Montenegrin Managers

This award is a remarkable incentive for all Montenegrin companies, regardless of their size and activity, because promoting successful leadership can make our companies more competitive, improve the quality of our products and services, and stimulate the development of the domestic economy.

Source: Association of Montenegrin Managers

Award ceremony was held on April 27 at the Hilton Hotel.

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