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Jovana Đuričić
Jovana Đuričić
April 25, 2019

At first glance, it was a Thursday like any other so far, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll discover that this past Thursday was a unique one. 
As it turns out, but you already knew this, the last Thursday of April, is the International Girls in ICT Day.

With the support and organization by the Chamber of Commerce, Bild Studio, for the third year in a row, visits one of the elementary schools in Podgorica. The purpose of these visits is to educate girls on the benefits and joys of working in IT. This year we have visited the elementary school “Sutjeska”.

With an aim to make our presentation a bit more interesting, during the first part of the class, through examples of our female employees we aimed at explaining what kind of jobs and tasks exist, and what are the benefits of having a job in the IT industry. We also talked about the different positions one can cover in an IT company, and we touched upon the formal education that predated the jobs of our girls. 

What the girls found the most interesting was the fact that 50% of female employees who work in our company do not have an IT degree. But with an interest in IT and proper motivation they managed to find their spot underneath the Sun.

During the second part of the class, coworkers Amra Jukić and Jovana Đurović showed girls how with intuitive platforms in a short amount of time they can create a website for their class. They couldn’t contain their happiness once we told them that Gmail address is the only that Google platform requires for creating a website.

The ending grade of elementary school is a milestone in the life of every child. Therefore, we wished to make one last gentle push, and provoke their thoughts on the future of their education. 

If it is a least one of twenty the girls went home dreaming about becoming a part of the IT world, we consider our mission completed.

P.S. There is something special about living your childhood dream of becoming a professor, even if for a day. 

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