BILDing team

Andrijana Čavor
Andrijana Čavor
July 21, 2015

Friday, the last day of the working week is about to announce the end of business obligations. In busy, gleeful and joyful mood, we work on Sutarday ‘forest party’ preparations. 


New ideas just keep coming up, so from food, drinks and sports activities we end up thinking of studio speakers and aggregators. Responsabilities are divided betwen us, teams are formed – one is to be orginizing transportation, other inviting clients and partners, third is to regulate music and sound, and some are taking care about paintball and other sports. There, we are ready to conquer Lovćen mountain. 

Fresh air, wild nature, freedom and about thirty of us taking it all for ourselves. Adventurous (and competitive) as we always are, we’re taking pretty much seriously the ‘field battle’. Four formed groups are trying to defend their own territory even at the price of losing all rubber bullets.

Bullets are whizzing leaving some bruises on soldiers, we’re crawling, breathing heavily, listening the environment and trying to locate the enemy. The winner could be only one group and it is the one who beats all the others. 

Feeling hungry by the smell of neaby barbecue, we start to race like the kids – who will be fisrt to take ćevap (minced meat). :) As much as it is enjoying the specialities of our grill chef, it is fun to play the role of the grill master.  

The most ambitious found a dose of adrenalin in the adventure park climbing the trees. 

DJ keeps its fortress safe all the time spreading the sounds of various music genres all around us. 

Until the new gathering with a new energy, but in the same company  :)

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