Honey of Montenegro and House of honey

Ksenija Planić
Ksenija Planić
January 19, 2015

The end of 2014. has been in sign of winning the Ministry of Agriculture contest for visual identity of ‘Honey of Montenegro’ and ‘House of honey’ brands.

Logo: Honey of Montenegro

We are especially excited of the fact that this was promotion of domestic montenegrin product, so our designers were additionally inspirational and motivated. We’ve been having brainstorming over and over again, and as a result we came up with Davor’s proposal, the most interesting and winning one. 

During our search of ideal logotype solution for Honey of Montenegro, we’ve been led by idea of simple, timeless and universal solution. We had clear goal – to create a brand that will be capable competing with some of the biggest world’s brands. 


Logo contains a manual labor and Montenegro’s recognizable characters. We found inspiration in our traditional costume and graphic pattern is stylization of our folklore ornaments integrated with elements of bee, house and honey.

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