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Aleksandra Bošković
Aleksandra Bošković
May 28, 2015

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” A.Christie

Our dearest friends, it is our pleasure to inform you that we hosted our colleagues from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, regional development of the Western Balkans and support to small and mid-sized enterprises, director Natalija Meylunas, Matija Dautović and Biljana Šćekić and our future partner Srđan Vukčević, director of Blue Coach company.  

Srđan Vukčević, Matija Dautović, Biljana Šćekić, Tarik Zaimović, Natalija Meylunas, Stefan Planić and Petar Dragaš

The goal of their visit is signing a mutual project contract, which will be led by Bild Studio in cooperation with Blue Coach company. 

Natalija Meylunas, director of EBRD, Tarik Zaimović, Bild Studio and Srđan Vukćević, Blue Coach

The value and significance of this project has been recognized and supported by director of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Natalija Meylunas. 

As you know, we are always ready and open for innovations in any field and we deeply believe this project of ours will amazed you. 

More details of this project you can expect in some of our next posts. 

Stay tuned. :)

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