PechaKucha in the house!

Jovana Đuričić
Jovana Đuričić
February 8, 2018

Pustite da vam uštedimo trud i sami odgovorimo na vaše pitanje: “Pecha šta???

PechaKucha stumbles from the Japanese language (ペ チ ャ ク チ ャ if you know, we will let you read :D) and in free translation means chit-chat. Okay, now we go with the answer to the question: “What does this have to do with a serious company? :) “

It really does have! We are presenting you the way for serious chatting in an foolish way because the idea is to learn something new through the fun!

PechaKucha presentation style is performed in 20×20 format. In practice, the presenter has a total of 20 slides, and for each, the presenter has 20 seconds. PechaKucheis as short as possible – say as much as possible, and plus more concisely.

The goal of our PechaKucha evening was that all of our seven sectors in Bild – Software Outsourcing, Enterprise & Mobile, Design, Marketing, Website Development, Office & Finance & Top Management – to show in a few minutes, through their representatives, to other teams what was done in 2017. We talked about how we got better and better, talked about clients, industries, successes, and our downs too. Presentations are rounded off by presenting the challenges that we altogether expect in 2018.

54 people in one office, lots of positive energy and lots of laughter. Some spoke too fast to beat the stopwatch. For all of us, 2800 seconds passed through the speed of light.

Wow, I’ve already passed through 2 minutes, so, here’s the end … :)

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