Science Days

Andrijana Čavor
Andrijana Čavor
September 25, 2015

Panel: Science, Business & Innovation 

From 21. to 25. September, the citizens of Montenegro had great opportunity to attend Science Days which included various lectures on magical world of the particles, the conquest of space, world of technology, mesozoic fossils exhibition etc. This was, indeed, a true knowledge factory.

Regarding this occasion, the Ministry of Science has sent us an invitation to be part of the panel Science, Business and Innovation and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity where we, based on our acquired experience and knowledge, spoke about the utopian issue that has been hanting our society for a long time – talented young people leaving our country in search for a better future. 

The aim of the panel, which has spoke about the exciting and unpredictable path from business idea to its realization, was to gather successful business people who gave advice on how to run a successful business operations. On behalf of Bild Studio, colleague Stefan Planić spoke about the struggle of our society that is in endless transition and how we have many problems and not so many resources.

Start-up & education

By definition, start up is a company which can escalate in a short time. Usually, this can be misunderstood or unaccepted in our country. We should be starting educating our children in the early age (high or even elementary school) that success is not something that happens only in America and fails with us. Therefore, the education of the upcoming generation is of a great meaning, as well as the motivation to believe in themselves and their ideas and explanation that start-up process does not necessarily mean a loft that constantly leaks. Through a variety of workshops, lectures and courses they get an image how something here can still be done – put the goal in front of you and do not look back, you can not and you do not need to go back to the start.

Role & importance of incubators  

You have a business idea that you deeply believe in and seek for a help to launch it? Then incubators are what you are looking for. Incubators aim is to accept persons with a great business model and help them to develop the idea to the initial product. Incubators are business premises which are designed specifically to help your new business projects and its development, and thereby reduce your costs. The most important role of the incubator is mentoring. Mentors assist you and each member of your team, advising how on the best possible way to develop your business model. For this reason, mentoring is the most important link in the first phase of start-up, it helps you avoid falling every time you get up.

Marketing support

As we already have agreed in one of the previous blogs, your product has a length of life for as long as people know of it. As well as for your business idea, an equal force of law could be applied on incubators. Unfortunately, in our country and the region, there is a barricades – financial resources provided to marketing and promotion are almost meaningless. Although the marketing and promotion should upgrade the incubator and all aspects of the business, we still need to fight the financial limits that trouble us.

Start up in Montenegro 

Often we can hear of loans for startups. But how one startup can survive if already at the beginning of its life has loans to pay instead of getting facilities and support? Not as a criticism of the initiative, but as an adaptation of initiative to startup: the state should understood that loans are not for startups and realize the good meaning of  mentoring, cost reduction, advices, encouragement and motivation.

Size of our market sets us one step back from the region, and more than a few of them back from the world. However, even a small market is some market The key is to understand with what we dispose and turn that into advantages. The flexibility and speed of response to the trends are advantages that Montenegro should use. If you start your own startup, Montenegro and the region should be your playground, a test market that will give you information on how customers are reacting, accepting and looking at your product. With feedback, you will have a better idea where, how and when to move to a global level.

Bild Studio on panel

As a Bild Studio representative, Stefan had the opportunity to spoke about (dis)advantages that each startup company has on its way to success. Bild Studio understands the importance of providing the above-mentioned startup support. In order to encourage young people to create innovative models and ideas, we provide working space where they work on real projects, assigned to a mentors from the chosen profession. Practicants have excellent opportunity to learn of healthy business culture, to gain new and improve existing ideas, find a friend among colleagues and to measure by themselves the space of their progress. As a business incubator, in addition to investing the necessary funds, Bild Studio offers best deals of all – networking (wide network of  business contacts and recommendations).

The famous Einstein said that he was not smarter than others, but that he spent more time solving a problem than others did. That is precisely whith what we would like to advise you: a strong belief in your idea and yourself, to releas fear of failure and to have strong determination which is necessary on the road to success. Just look up in the sky ;)

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