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Ljiljana Polić
Ljiljana Polić
September 5, 2016

SoMo Fighter is a regional award for the best digital works of regional creative agencies and individuals. Weekend Media Festival will host the SoMo fighter award contest in Rovinj, from 22nd to 25th of September. Bild Studio is a part of a this year’s event, and the new fighter is entering the arena, it is a SoMoRitanian. SoMoRitanian is a special award for digital ideas that shed the light on a specific problem in the community.

The honor of being a part of a regional professional jury, amongst others, belongs to Tarik Zaimović, director of Bild Studio. Tarik is the only representative of digital agencies from Montenegro. The regional jury, made up of digital professionals, have a difficult task. They need to examine and rate a large number of applications of IT, marketing, creative agencies and individuals from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, based on the criteria of originality, creativity, quality of performance and the achieved results. The prize is a statue printed in 3D technology.

SoMo fighters will fight in 9 different categories. The applications are free, and they can be filled by 9th of September in the noon. Every participant can fill applications for several digital works, as long as they are submitted in different SoMo categories:

  • SoMo Face: the best official Facebook page of a company, individual or a brand.
  • SoMust Have: the best work on other social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Vine etc.
  • SoMo Content: the best content-marketing project of a company, individual or a brand.
  • Viral blockbuster: the best viral content- video, GIF or any other content that became a hit on the Internet.
  • Digital mix: the best campaign held on different digital channels
  • Community manager of the year: the best community manager in the last 12 month;
  • Digital man/woman of the year: category in which digital companies nominate the leader of a specific company sector, which team made excellent results in various digital projects.
  • SoMo Tech: the best mobile, web or Facebook application, mobile site, application for a smartwatch, and other examples of successful integration of technology in digital marketing.
  • SoMoRitanian: new category made especially for digital work used for humanitarian purposes.  

The process of application is simple, and you can find the rest of the necessary information on SoMo Fighter’s web page.

Besides of cheering for their favorite fighters, my fellow-colleges will try to bring you the best parts of the creative atmosphere from the old tobacco factory in Rovinj, where Weekend media festival is held. Weekend media festival is a place that gathers people and ideas, introduces new creative viewpoints on digital trends, a place where you can share and gain new knowledge in the digital industry. The main program is made of different lectures, speakers, panel discussions, workshops and presentation from the world of media, PR, marketing and other parts of the communication sphere. More than 120 speakers, about 4000 media, marketing, and PR professionals are announced as participants on Weekend Media Festival.

Let the fight begin! :)

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