Are you ready for the Google algorithm changes?

Aleksandra Bošković
Aleksandra Bošković
April 9, 2015

If you keep track of the devices that people use to find your web site, you probably noticed that the first places in analytics are taken by the smart devices, which is a no wonder, considering the raising trends in the usage of mobile phones, which we wrote about in the previous post.

Additional question would be do you want to keep and improve your current position on the Google search?

If you answered yes, than it’s the right time to do something with your web site.

•    A tool to check is your web site mobile friendly?

Google Mobile Friendly Test i W3C mobileOK checker.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test will tell you whether your site is mobile friendly or not, but will also help you identify and fix all defects, such as incompatible software for mobile devices (for example Flash), text that can’t be read without zooming, content which is not configured according to the size of the device (which is why you have to use horizontal scroll), links and icons that are overcrowded and due to that aren’t click-able.

W3C mobileOK checker works on the similar principle as Google’s tool, but is more useful to the people who have more technical knowledge about functionalities and development of mobile applications, because it gives more technical details about changes in your website that you have to make.

•    What options do you have (In what way you should change you web site)?

OPTION 1. If you have recently changed your website (in the last year or two), it is possible to modify the code and customize it for the use on the smart devices.

OPTION 2. If you don’t want to change the existing desktop version, then we that suggest you do a mobile version of your site. You have two options for the mobile versions of the website:

2a) to purchase an existing template, possibly combined with design refinement of the theme
2b) to ask for a professional (unique) mobile version

Both options are completely legitimate, but you must take into account the functionalities that you want to be represented in the mobile version.
If your website has informational or presentational character, the mobile “theme”, which will be tailored to your corporate colours, is perhaps more than enough.

But if you want a mobile version of your website which has special functionalities that fully satisfies the objectives of your business, then the template version will not meet your expectations.
Professionally designed mobile website tailored to your taste and originality of your recognizable brand, with a perfectly customized content, includes development of unique mobile version.

Take a look at a mobile version for Perfect Rent a car agency.
No matter which option do you choose, keep in mind that a good and user friendly mobile version of the website, needs to have following characteristics:

– Simple website search
– A clear call to action 
– Fast loading
– Interesting and useful (informative) content

OPTION 3. Development of fully responsive website

Take a look at a web site of Red cross Montenegro.

Responsive design of the website means that the website will accommodate to all sizes of the devices in which it is being accessed, whether it is a desktop, tablet or other smart device.

Therefore, users will access your website via the same URL, which is important for the marketing efforts, because they are focused on only one address.

One should not neglect the fact that the visual consistency of website across all devices is something that you really need, if you want your brand to be recognised. 

OPTION 4. Creating unique mobile applications for iOS and Android phones

Mobile applications are an absolute trend in the digital world, with growing usage.

Speed navigation is an absolute advantage in mobile applications compared to a mobile website, as well as speed of loading and displaying of the existing content, regardless of the speed of the internet at the disposal, where the mobile website has difficulties when the internet is slow.

Earning potential is also much higher with the mobile application, through the actual sale of application, free advertising and the implementation of VAS services (value-added services, such as premium SMS and calls).

Take a look at Taxi Montenegro app, created in cooperation with Microsoft.

On the other hand, mobile applications seek occasional update, which requires a certain amount of time and synchronization of content, which is not the case with mobile website.

Perhaps the most important difference between a mobile website and mobile applications is in the time and cost of the development. Mobile applications require more time for development, which further affects the higher price in comparison to the development of the mobile website.

But if you want your recognizable brand to track your clients during each use of the smart device, and if your business project is more suited for a mobile application, do not hesitate.

Take a look at and download Venom app for iOS & Android.
  • And what is the best option for you?

There is not one correct answer.

It all depends on your desired objective, purpose of your business and the available budget.

If you have concerns and you are not sure which option is most suitable for you, our team of professionals is at your disposal.

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