Autumn stands for building, team building

Jelena Novaković
Jelena Novaković
October 13, 2017

September usually brings us a bunch of new projects, new clients, new ideas, pre-press, preparations for meetings and one big preparation, the one for team building. For this cause, the last atom of Bild’s power is given. Because, after all, we need to collect enough events and anecdotes to talk about until the next gathering.

This year, the destination for team building was, again, Long beach in Ulcinj. More precisely, the Hotel “Otrant”. Long beach in Ulcinj offers a lot of opportunities for various activities and inactivities (e.g. enjoying in the warm sand and the Adriatic Sea) that will remain memorable (in GBs, too).

That Friday we all had the same plan for the weekend – having the best time ever! Whoever goes to Ulcinj, goes to the Viber group, too. Because no joke or funny photo of a sleepy colleague at five in the morning should be missed. The voices are ready, the strings are tuned, the beer is cooled and the excitement in the bus hits the ceiling.

With a rich buffet dinner, our happiness grew some more. Around 10 p.m, fresh and satiated, we started partying on the first sounds of electronic music. By the early morning hours, we listened to the music of our DJs: Darko, Dragan, Marko and Jasna, who made the great atmosphere and spread relaxation and enjoyment through every bit. Sounds of dance, funky, house, deep house, disco, psychedelic trance and techno kept us awake until 5 a.m. That was Jasna’s first performance as DJ, although she is a big fan of tech and house music. However, with the previous preparation and help of our other DJs, Jasna put fingers on the black box, at everyone’s pleasure. 

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, so were we, ready for a whole day relaxation. Beach, swimming pool, spa, greenery – something for every one of us. Daily chill on the sand with a view of infinite blue, playing cards, chess, volleyball or jumping into an interesting social game “Human board”, in our translation “Who’s gonna win the Jack?”.

In the evening, partying again – different and more dynamic than the previous one. We started with salsa dance and continued with bachata and reggaeton moves. Our kind friend, Duda, a longtime artist, gave us dance lessons. So, soon we started to compete who’s better. The best and most interesting was selected by the thunderous applause and have won a cup. With lots of creative, humorous and positive energy, Latin-American dances were mastered.

A little break while the stage is set for our bands were about to hit the floor. Bass guitars, drums and wonderful voices of our frontmen took us to the midnight hours sharing with us the sincere parts of their souls. Feeling proud of the excellent interpretations of our performers from both bands, we accompanied them with exclamations and great applause. DJs took over the stage and rocked until the dawn.

New awakening and energy that does not quench. We’re still there and don’t wanna go away. Use the last minutes to chit chat, relax and make just one more photo, and then… another one. The sounds of the wheels in front of the hotel, laughter and sounded voices from singing – and we are ready to return.

Dear ravers, until the next team building, we send you our best regards. :)

after all, we need to collect enough events and anecdotes to talk about until the next gathering.

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