Award for the development of voluntary blood donation

Sanja Mračević
Sanja Mračević
June 14, 2017

Bild Studio was awarded for contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation during 2016 by the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Montenegro. This is the occasion to recall the importance of donating blood once again.

Donating blood save lives, but also improves the health of the donor, and yet many people who need blood, often can’t get it timely. As said from the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Montenegro, benchmark health institution that performs the collection, processing and distribution of blood to other health institutions, the motivation of citizens to donate blood in the continuity is one of the basic prerequisites for improving the level of voluntary blood donation in our country and ensuring stable blood reserves for medical treatments.

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We proved we don’t the lack the motivation, so, having in mind the fact that men can donate blood every 3rd month and women every 4th  month, we traditionally organize blood donation campaigns alone or with our partners.

This year, on 14th June, we attended the celebration of World Blood Donor Day, which was organized by the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Montenegro and Red Cross of Montenegro in shopping mall Delta City, where we received an award for contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation for the last year. Darko Kašćelan, a No. 1  blood donor from Bild’s team, took the award on behalf of our agency. It is our great pleasure to see our efforts toward corporate social responsibility (CSR) were recognized.

According to the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO)57 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary blood donations. In Montenegro, every second blood donor donates blood for his family member and according to the data from the Institute for Blood Transfusion of Montenegro, in 2016 the donation level was about 2.8%. This percentage is still lower than 4%  as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Blood can’t be produced artificially, thus, its only source are human beings. Around 112.5 million units of donated blood is collected in the world every year and adequate blood supply can be ensured only by regular voluntary donations. We do hope that the aims of the Institute, reflected in the existence of 10.

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