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Marko Vukajlović
Marko Vukajlović
August 25, 2015

Bild wished to make a commercial. Not a typical commercial, but a fantastic one in its true spirit in which the actors will be truly and only people from Bild.


Bild wished to make a commercial. Not a typical commercial, but a fantastic one in its true spirit in which the actors will be truly and only people from Bild. And Bild-ers do not make an ordinary group of people, but an awesome bunch that lives and breathes like one. Besides that, they all cultivate countless amazing talents. So, a wish to make something that will show the authentic Bild Studio to the world – existed. And, where there’s a wish, you’ll say, there’s also fire. Actually, maybe you won’t say that.. 


Besides a wish, it’s also good to have an idea. And when I need an idea I climb on top of a hill, like for example Ljubovic hill. And I look into the distance and I think and think…  Until I get tired of thinking. And before anything else I think how I should get higher  (climb a hill, obviously) as often as possible, everything is more clear that way – the mind and the lungs. Actually, that very thought just dropped into my mind, since I really don’t go to Ljubovic that often, I just wanted to put a veil of mystery on the creative process. Anyway, besides the tendency to become a lonely screenwriter in nature, I turned towards a different and no less interesting shelter.

Conversation, if you ask me, is a place higher than any hill or mountain, more clear even than the most hidden creek! And the idea found in it (inside a conversation between two or more people) – nothing else but a nicely connected moment, an X placed in time, a dot from which a line starts its journey (hopefully, a long long one). After trying to fool you by abstracting the subject like this, I will rush onto the next paragraph, nothing else to add here. Except that after a lot of conversations and thought exchanges with Bild-ers, co-workers and friends, the mother-idea wasn’t a problem anymore.


Bild family portrait! A photo of contemporary business harmony and creative chaos. Today’s office environment in context of an epoch! A parody of XVIII century oil paintings. We immediately knew that was it.

The idea was planted. But what will its water and sun be? Many questions, decisions and intense participation of every team member, you’ll say? And you’ll say the truth. OK, great, but how will the light fall on the characters? What will the designers look like? Why? Which ones of Davor’s illustrations will end up on the wall? What kind of a tea bag will Jovana hold in her hand and how? Will Hari’s costume, as a costume of a man from the finance, be solved through the epoch? Will Milena and Jovana look more like Dorothy or pop art Cinderella? Will developers carry the funk of a certain movie hero or will they look more like tough guys from the ‘90s? How much is everything going to be contemporary or retro and what is retro anyway in the times coded by postmodernism constant revisiting of the past so that retro is the only contemporary?

Actually, we didn’t have to answer any of these questions, since Bild-ers all look like they do in the video: those working in marketing wear huge bows, developers wear only black, web testers exclusively drink tea, and those working in the finance department wear sideburns no matter what gender they are. You don’t believe me? Well, come to Bild and see if for youself.


At the end, last but not least – as they say: people of Bild who acted in the commercial. Our team’s work would have been totally useless, if we didn’t have actors like them (should I say – actors, or should I say – splendor and love which they spilled all over the screen). If they all could fit in the shot (unfortunately they couldn’t), what a challenge of a  mise an scène that would’ve been! Not saying that it wasn’t a challenge after all, but it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. On the dialogues we worked very meticulously, too and they mirror the everyday collaboration and general vibe in Bild family to the very last detail, spiced up with their true character features on top of all. 

When we did enough of rehearsals and worked everything out to the last detail, we came to the conclusion that Bild actors should all go to stage speech and stage movement lessons. Then, maybe, some dancing classes wouldn’t hurt, why not? Well, of course they didn’t take those classes. But at least Milena, as one of the most committed ensemble members, had to visit an elderly citizens club and ask the eldest ladies there to explain to her how they once used land phones. Yes, it is true that we don’t have many clubs for elderly citizens. Also, it is true that Milena didn’t ask anyone, she figured it out herself. But Danko had to go to Hawaii and learn how to play ukulele so that he could carry those flowers around his neck with full understanding and respect for the tradition. And this really happened! It did, it’s true. Or my name isn’t Lorimer. And it isn’t. 

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