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Milena Raičević
Milena Raičević
July 28, 2015

The Association will have the task of representing the interests of other organizations and companies engaged in the same or a similar activity. Members of the Association are chosen in accordance with the criteria of the Chamber including: economic strength, structure, impact on the economy, civil and territorial representation, so far expressed willingness to participate in the work of the Chamber, and the fulfillment of obligations towards the Association established by the Law, the Statute and general Chamber acts.

Companies name one member of the Committee to represent the economic interests of the industry to which they belong.

In addition to representatives of Telekom, Telenor and many other companies in the field, our representative will be Tarik Zaimović Manager of our Business Development department. Tarik, and the other members will have an opportunity to participate in to express common interests in organized, reasoned and professional way. They will propose measures to legislative and executive authorities, with the aim of improving business environment. The ultimate goal of the Association is to give economic entities the opportunity to participate in creating economic policy of our country.

We hope that in this way we will be able to contribute to the economic development of our country, especially the information technology sector which we are a part.

With more information on this topic, we will get back to you after first meeting of the Association, which is planned after 15 of September 2015.

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