Bild Studio welcomes Ekhart Yoga

Tijana Ostojić
Tijana Ostojić
February 14, 2019

Often, the sentence ‘We are proud to announce’ has a ring of staleness to it and suffers from an utter lack of creativity. Today, however, we ask you to excuse our boastful manner since we have a pretty good reason to be so official and well, bleak. 

We are proud to announce our partnership with Ekhart Yoga.

EkhartYoga, for yet-to-be yoginis, is an online platform that offers yoga classes of all levels to their customers. With a million combined followers from 152 countries, 3202 classes, and 73 guided programs, they see a potential for further growth and development; hence, why they have sought our help.

During a brief chat with Esther Ekhart, the name, and the mind, behind the EkhartYoga while on her visit to Bild Studio, we enquired about the origin of EkhartYoga, her vision for the future, and what has drawn them to us.

Could you tell us where the idea of Ekhart Yoga originated from?

Happiness drew me in and sparked my imagination from a young age. I actively pursued the answer to the question of what makes someone happy. At times, I sought the response by withdrawing to my inner self, or by observing the world around me. As time passed by, I became curious about yoga by witnessing my mother, a yoga teacher, and therapist, practice yoga.

The idea to expand my little yoga studio, I ran in Ireland, and go online came to me during a meditation retreat. I always knew the added value a community provides, but wanting to test the waters first, I posted yoga classes on YouTube back in 2008, with Bas in charge of filming.

The videos became the instant success, and after years of devoted work, I feel we have something rather valuable to offer to anyone who seeks inner peace, movement through meditation, and many more.

It seems as if the yoga business has hit a plateau. What are your thoughts on this?

It certainly seems so. However, we ought to make use of the current market climate. Nowadays, the sense of community is more vital than it has been before. Thus, focusing on creating a meaningful and robust connection should be a focal point for any future project.

At last, I must ask, out of all digital agencies in the world, why us?

Firstly, because you come highly recommended, but most importantly due to the values Bild Studio has. We were looking for a full-service digital agency whose corporate culture, and ideology go in line with our beliefs. Having the opportunity to visit Bild Studio, meet the faces behind the name, and spend time here, it becomes rather clear that happiness floats effortlessly here. In other words, Bild Studio takes care of its employees. Therefore, the choice was an easy one.

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