Conference on Presentation Skills

Vladimir Zenović
Vladimir Zenović
April 19, 2019

On Wednesday, April 17th, the Chamber of Commerce, in the cooperation with ID Factory, organized a conference on a topic of Presentation skills. The lecturer of the seminar was Ivana Malović, business coach and CEO of the ID Factory. 

With eagerness bubbling up, we were impatient to attend the lecture on how to conquer the skill of public speaking. Andrea Tanović, HR assistant, Tijana Ostojić, SEO content writer, Vladimir Zenović, copywriter and our UX interns: Melanija Ostojić, Valentina Kašćelan, Bojana Rajković and Nikola Topalović, booked Wednesday for the improving the so-called “soft” business skills. 

Nowadays, presentations skills are an everyday occurrence in the workplace, so it goes without saying that working on these is something that is necessary to accomplish besides everyday tasks.
By developing and practising presentation skills, it is not only that we become more confident, but rather the practice can help us to move past the anxiety of public speaking.

Listening about the necessity of being prepared before an important meeting or presentation, has especially touched a chord with a few of us who suffer from stage fright. 

Ivana drew our attention to the importance of having faith in what we do since we send ‘signals’, such as voice trembles or body language, to our clients or co-workers on an unconscious level.  

It is not what you say, it is how you say it that is the key to a successful presentation. Ivana asked us a question which we frequently hear, and more often than not, consider irrelevant.

Do you love your job? 

The word love was present throughout the lecture, as according to Ivana, this is the reason why we do what we do. When we love our work, we tend to set higher goals, have more faith in what we work on and wish to achieve, and as a result of that, the energy of trust can be felt all around us.

No matter how much we resist public speaking, we fall victims of it more often than we are aware of. Ivana pointed out countless examples where we communicate on an unconscious level, whether it is with our co-workers or clients. 

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love, so the conclusion of this lecture is to love your job, set goals and make a head start. 

Inspired by the lecture, we have set our goals! :) 

Thank you once again for a wonderful lecture, Ivana.

Greetings from our team!

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