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Jelena Novaković
Jelena Novaković
December 18, 2017

Personal development and networking at the Business Café gathering

The pleasant atmosphere of the spring Business Café left us with great impressions, so we wanted to come back again. The goal remained the same: personal development and networking.

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This time, (the 6th) Business Café was held in the premises of Verde complex in Podgorica and our Milos Dimic from Marketing was there. He heard extraordinary experiences and situations of speakers,, which motivated him to be “stronger than excuse”.

Special guests were: Dragan Adzic, one of the most famous coaches from this area, coach of women’s HC Buducnost, former Montenegrin handball national team coach and TEDx speaker, Ivona Dabetic Jovovic, owner of Vision Event organization, co-owner of Aliter Technologies Montenegro and founder of the NGO Brini o sebi and Igor Majer, Project Manager at Elko Team, founder of the “Mayer” multisport academy and athletic school “Gump” and the first Ironman Triathlon in Montenegro. Even from these short biographies, we could’ve anticipated that the next few hours will be very interesting.

Source: Business Café

The idea behind the event and its purpose was revealed  in the previous blog post about Business Café. This time, we’ll focus on several main messages that Milos found interesting and worth sharing.

Dragan Adzic, the first coach from Montenegro who had achieved great success at the club and representative level, is fascinating in many ways. Everyone who follows the sport knows him for an always calm and stable nature. For Dragan, success is a question of the road. For a competition cup, he says, it is worth “only until you win it, and then, it becomes a mud.” As soon as the cup is conquered, it ceases to be important, because, one immediately seeks to achieve a higher goal. Dragan asserts that every successful person must be modest and must know that “as soon as you rise high above the earth, it’s inevitable that you’ll fall.” What gives Dragan a special pleasure is training younger generations. Speaking of the complexity of the role of a coach, he says that it’s hard enough to work on yourself, and even more difficult to work on others. From this speech we carry a message that it’s important to be modest and never think for ourselves that we’re the best in something, but on the contrary. This mindset make us want to work even more, agree?

A surprise for Dragan’s birthday. Source: Business Café

Ivona Dabetic Jovovic used to work in the corporate world for a full 10 years. The main reasons for choosing to enter entrepreneurial waters is the desire to manage her own time and work exclusively on the projects she finds interesting. When you’re part of a company and you work in a team, it’s inevitable that, from time to time, you’ll have to work on projects that you don’t really like and find them boring. Also, as a company employee you don’t have complete control over your time. Even when you don’t have much work to do, you still have to be in the office for 8h, 5 days a week. However, when you manage your own business, there’s no place for these disadvantages. When you’re an entrepreneur, you allow yourself a break for two days in the middle of a working week, and you don’t have to justify it to anyone. On the other hand, it is true that when you run your own business, you must be present at every stage of its development. But when you know that is meaningful and it’s for your well-being and financial stability, no work is difficult. Ivona also points out that gratitude is necessary for every success, because it enables you to remain your feet on the ground, which is one of the key factors for personal progress.

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From the dynamic and interesting conversation of Igor Majer with moderator Slavica Nikolic, we would emphasize the meaning of the word “balance”, the importance of finding a personal “trigger” and the function of commitment. Igor was well aware that in our culture, words like: blood, beat, sweat, etc, are associated with someone who’s strong (both physically and mentally) and as such is desirable. Whereas, the word “balance” sounds lukewarm and as if it’s not good enough. However, this should change, because the balance is one of the key factors of success, he claims. In addition to the balance, each person should find an “internal trigger” that pushes a person to take certain steps towards achieving the goal. Many people want to be served with the exact formula of success, while in essence, this formula doesn’t exist. Everyone defines success in a different way and each of us possesses a unique inner motivation. Igor also suggests that you should make a commitment: “Commit yourself to the spouse, your parents, your brother, your sister, or your friends to achieve what you have planned, and you’ll see that there’s no way back.” Try committing, maybe that will make you unstoppable, just like it worked for Igor. Are you ready to accept the little Igor’s challenge and announce your goals on your Facebook profile (and commit yourself to all your Facebook friends)? :) If you do, please tell us about the outcome. :)

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Further talks continued in a café in a relaxed atmosphere spiced with delicious canapés and warm drinks. The stories continue, always enriched by certain lessons, carving real fighters for decades. Therefore, make a decision to be stronger than excuse and toast with successful people at the next Business Café.

Source: Business Café
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