Digital Marketing in service of Agriculture

Tijana Ostojić
Tijana Ostojić
December 11, 2018

On Sunday, December 2nd, the NGO “Da živi selo organized a workshop in Pljevlja on ‘Digital marketing in the promotion of organic agricultural products,’ as part of the “Okusi Prirodu” project.

Ljiljana Polić, PR, and Tijana Ostojić, Content Writer, from Bild Studio, held a lecture to educate agricultural producers on the digital promotion of organic products and how to place the same through online channels. Since producers of organic agricultural products in Montenegro and the region rely on traditional channels of promotion, digitization this segment of the business is rather necessary.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to hear how being present on online platforms is no longer a bonus, but a requirement. We pointed out how profitable online promotion can be, especially for those who are just developing their business. Further, we explained that for digital marketing, quality up-to-date content, approachableness, pleasant and friendly tone play a much larger role than the size and representation of a brand. 

Today, social networks play a key role in establishing a stable relationship with customers. Therefore, we talked about the development of digital strategy as one necessity for improving one’s business. We defined, step by step, how to present themselves online, to plan the approach to each campaign and thus reduce their resources and time. Moreover, we covered promotion on Facebook and Instagram, and on some real examples showed differences in seemingly identical posts. In addition, we explained how to create a campaign in Ads Manager, how to determine your goal, target groups, and, how to control your money.

During the workshop, we stressed the significance of highlighting the story behind the product, or the production process itself. The good story is the backbone of successful marketing. The story itself can refer to the life of one founder, the uniqueness of the service, the functionality or usefulness of the product, the richness of the content of the offer. However, the story should be easy to convey, contain the elements truthfulness, conviction, simplicity and focus on feelings. It is important to keep in mind that every online promotion requires continuity in telling stories and communicating with users. 

At last, we have introduced participants to Google Adwords and the importance of optimizing their websites. During a two-hour discussion, the participants learned on practical examples the advantages and disadvantages of social profiles of their competition. Participants heard practical tips on how to improve the profiles and become more independent in creating online campaigns. to the participants in the workshop. We then encouraged discussion which touched upon offline promotion, and how the same could link with their online channels. 

We are glad we were a part of this workshop and that we showed on concrete examples that digital channels should not remain unknown as these can be one of the most important sales channels. 

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