Droids have taken over Montenegro

Aleksandra Bošković
Aleksandra Bošković
July 15, 2015

Successfully finished summer course for Android development 

Sunday, 12. July summer school Droids have taken over the world has finished. The whole course was organized by BEST – students organization, with help of Telenor foundation, Bild Studio, University of Montenegro and various other companies. Five teams were made out of 30 participants from nine European countries and Montenegro. During the course, under the mentorship of IT experts from Bild Studio, Montenegro Technology Centre, First Bank and Telecom, students have worked hard on developing Android apps.

After the course was finished we had on our hands five, almost ready to go, Android apps: 

1. Bluetooth chat (mentor Saša Adžić); 2. FaceMyBook (mentor Dejan Janjušević); 3. Market Calculator (mentor Genti Elezaj); 4. FindMe – Target group of user on the map (mentor Mladen Planić); 5. Memorize4.me (mentor Aleksandar Šestović).

1.Bluetooth chat – app ensures that via Bluetooth, on the 10 meter distance, you can chat with other app users. Tagline of the app is – No Wifi, no credit, no problem!

2. FaceMyBook – brings new note to creating contact list in your phone contacts. This app enables you to connect a just captured picture to the existing contact, or to create new contact, while at the same time enabling you to add various filters to the image. 

3. Market Calculator – is an app thats making shopping easier. It scans barcode of the product and automatically calculates your final price. All of us that went shopping with certain budget know how much time we spent calculating prices in order to exactly match our budgets. In the future this team will work on developing additional functionalities on the app, via which you will be able to directly pay on the counter all you have added to your basket. 

4. FindMe (Target group of user on map)– app is based on the idea that you can follow on Google map friends who have accepted to be in your circle. If you have planned your trip and you wish to see whom of your friends you may visit, or you simply do not want to lose your friends on the next party this is an app for you. 

5. Memorize4Me – is the winner of this contest and can already be found on Play Store. In addition to the great presentation in form of video, this team has succeeded to finish an app in the short time given. App concerns forming personal lists, ie. favorite restaurants, cars, apartments of anything you may be nothing or trying to remember, through saving contact info, images, sorting, or leaving your own rating for the certain place, product or service. The tagline is “Perfect not to forget anything!”.

Members of the jury, who gave scores to the teams, were mentors, representatives of the partners and organizers. Teams were graded based on idea, functionality, design, presentation of the app, and the goal realized. 

Based on these criteria, team led by mentor Aleksandar Sestovic, with application Memorize4me, collected the best grades and the reward were smart phones for all team member and their mentor. 

On the closing ceremony, all participants got certificates of attendance, and the document proving they have gained certain ECTS credits they can use on their respective faculties. 

This is a great chance to thank all mentors who answered our invitation and devoted part of their time to help teams to in relatively short term bring to live their apps. we congratulate all participants and thank them for the invested effort and enthusiasm they showed during the course. We also congratulate the organizer on great idea and complete organization, hoping that this is only of of the courses and many more will follow and result in equal success and our team support is something they can always count on. 

To you, our dear reader, we advise to download Memorize4Me and with your comments and suggestions help the team introduce improvements. 

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