Đuro who?

Miloš Dimić
Miloš Dimić
November 24, 2017

You know that feeling when you go to a certain workshop, full of expectation that someone will teach you something, give a practical advice, maybe an inside information (like Brankica Stanković would), or simply offer something new and fresh. Maybe some of these fresh information makes you look differently at your job, maybe it motivates you to try new methods, or makes you think about things you haven’t tried so far, even makes you change your course of actions and lead you to a new way full of enthusiasm.
And then, on that glorious day, so full of optimism you go to a workshop, conference etc. and they tell you – just be creative and make viral content!

Whoa, whoa, wait… Are you kidding? How? With what? Out of bricks?
At the end of the day, without bricks, cement or anything similar, you good home with your tail between the legs, although your not a dog. 

Workshop about copywriting with Đuro Radovasović as a lecturer is nothing like that (a colleague of mine tells me to emphasize the fact that is “nothing like it” just in case). Opposite to “just be creative and make viral content!”, Đuro gave practical advice. Almost every one of his answers included his personal experience to the topic in question and he was open for communication with all participants of the workshop. Participants had various profiles. Some work in private companies some for the government, there were also the members of marketing agencies and freelancers were there too.

Now, for a moment lets get back to our question “Đuro who?”. First of all, if you haven’t heard about Đuro Radosavović before, tell what is it like to live on Jupiter? Didi the gas price increase over there too? It did, right?

Jokes aside (just for a moment), let me say that Đuro is a writer, columnist and of course a copywriter. Đuro got his knowledge about copywriting while working with agencies like Trumpet, Leo Burnett, United Moment and Kreativa Unlimited. He worked with companies like Master CardVip mobile, Lav pivo, Onogošt pivoDon kafaCoca-Cola etc. 

And what did the man with censored eyes teach us?

1. Books, books, books…
– Suggested books by “local” authors which are more or less closely related to copywriting. Rare and valuable editions.

2. “Analyzing communication” what does it mean?
– A practical method used by copywriters to gather ideas in everyday situations.

3. How to work with a designer?
– Most of the content written by a copywriter has to be visualized. How to be one with a designer?

4. How to “kill a pig in yourself”?
– And how to get through with all the other distractions in a modern world, which are getting in way of things that really matter and are valuable in business.

5. How to train for copywriting?
– Either if you want to stay in shape or train, alone or in a company, you can use this practical method.

These are some of the topics which were discussed during the workshop. I am not getting into details because it wouldn’t be nice to spoil the same workshop which will be organized in December (unofficially). If you are interested make sure you follow Facebook page – Copywriter Podgorica, for the latest info.

Generally, do not expect anyone to teach you copywriting in two days, or any craft for that matter. Do not expect anyone to hold you in your hand in the learning process, but do expect a real guideline, practical advice and a bit of wind in your back.

By the end of the workshop, emotions were overwhelming, crowd started shouting “We want more, we want more!”, and after some torches were lit, the staff of hotel CentreVille had to remove the crowd.

Of course, this workshop was not perfect, and there is definitely a space for improvement. But nothing is perfect, except this sunset. That is just perfect.

* All jokes in this blog post are well-intentioned.
* Bild Studio does not test blog posts on animals.

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