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Jelena Novaković
Jelena Novaković
December 20, 2017

Impressions from professional training “Finance for all”

Because we want to broaden aspects and knowledge from various fields, and because no successful business can be managed without a good knowledge of finance, we have provided our employees with a comprehensive training that will help them acquire a narrow knowledge of this important business segment.

Armed with the desire for knowledge, a team of four “Bild-ers”: Haris Baltic, Azra Cengic, Ksenija Ikovic and Iva Malešević, headed towards the premises of Fidelity Consulting for the rendezvous with Milos Vukovic, CEO of the company. The reason was training “Finance for All”.

This was a very intensive two-day training but had our employees are satisfied with the knowledge they acquired. They said that this training motivated them to further research various tools and statements. During the two days of learning with Miloš, they worked on numerous financial units: financial management, inflation, financial reports, rational analysis, etc. Each of these units was backed up by interesting practical examples, which were a great way to test the learned and as well to take a slightly different view on the state of the certain company. Attendees worked in various tools (primarily for the cash flow statement), which was given to them as part of package material for further use in everyday work. Although each of the units were useful, our financial managers were particularly interested in the comparative ratio analysis of two companies, which helped them see and seek for various solutions and above all, which are the key indicators of business success.

We highly recommend this training to managers of all levels, financial managers and entrepreneurs, because it will help them improve their skills with numbers and expand their knowledge on finance. But we also recommend it to the ones with less sound knowledge in this field, because they will learn a lot on the simplified examples from the practice.

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