Family bonding

Jovana Đuričić
Jovana Đuričić
October 14, 2016

It’s Friday, I am opening the gate and telling myself, euphoria has already entered the Bild’s house. I rush to my office. I see the sector leaders in the lobby, going to a weekly meeting to summarize the impressions of another successful week. I walk into the office and see interns working in full steam. The only thing they could think about is how to join back and front end with that “Jason” guy.

Project Manager is creating a list of tasks and responsibilities in Excel file, while, at the same time, she’s speaking on a phone to a bus driver, telling him to be in front of Bild office at 6 pm. 

I’m going to the Design Sector, we have to integrate the text with the animation; IT in negotiations with hosting and marketing, a new project is around the corner. Communication and coordination, just like an anthill, it adorns our rooms every day.

It’s nearly the end of work time but at the same time the beginning of a new, exciting story. It’s time to go. Or not! Someone is late: “I thought we’re leaving at 6:30 pm!” (later we will find out that our colleague was late because of his hairstyle. Yes, you’ve read correctly – because of his hair!)

The music in the bus, we are already making roommates schedule.
Bus stopped. The music is off, and the door opens. As I was stepping off the bus, I realize that some are already in the pool. I hear Olympics is still ongoing, and Bild’s sharks are warming up. 

They gave us room keys. Some of us were unpacking, while others just threw bags and rushed out. Little “black box” is there and the fun has begun.

Saturday morning (or whatever part of the day that was). Grey clouds above us. It is now obvious that the rain will fall, but we refuse to believe. Music keeps us going. Water Polo tournament has just begun.

Some fearful glance at the sky, hoping it will support us. But no. Summer splash they said, it won’t be long, they sad. As only the strongest remain, Bild’s sharks did not surrender.  

On the other side, we “the little ones” play Tekken 3 on the PlayStation. Girls team wins one match, but not the whole tournament. Enough to talk about all day. Next to us, Risk is being played; strategists weigh the opponents with a glass of wine in their hands.

The rain did not stop, but neither did the preparation. Cables, microphones, drum, all set up. Everyone wants to get their hands on the mixing console, to play the one they like. And the positive energy scatters the clouds.

Is anyone hungry?

On the other side, lighting, sound check, domestic brandy for a better voice. The sound of guitar takes us to a completely different world, a terrace becomes a dance floor in an eye flash.

At one point, we lose the rhythm guitar, but we continue as if nothing had happened. Our general manager jumps in and spices up the gig. People say: Who knows for how long they practiced.  But, the improvisation is sometimes the exactly what you need to bring the atmosphere to a red heat. 

Five-minute break, replacement of guitarist, bassist, and singer. The second band is ready!

56 members of the collective – 10-day rehearsal, 9 people and 2 bands. Two hours of crazy gig had us believe that with a good will and a positive energy everything is possible.

Sunday “morning” and that feeling of not wanting to go home. The plan is to pack up our things and go to the beach, and wherever the road takes us.

Empty beach, just like it was reserved for us. 40 people playing volleyball in the water. Someone, call Guinness, a new record is set! Football on the beach, chilling in the sun and our name written in the sand.

Someone shouts we should go, but we all pretend we didn’t hear. Unfortunately, all beautiful things come to an end, eventually. We are off to Podgorica.

It was 7 pm when we opened the gates of Bild’s house, and no one wants to go home. Another tour of barbecue?

Charcoal, grille, guys prepared everything.

Charcoal, grille, guys prepared everything.

Conversation, new plans, retelling adventures, the fire until the late hour, because our team building is actually – a family bonding. Who doesn’t know will not understand! :)

Until the next adventure!

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