Introduction to PHP

Milena Raičević
Milena Raičević
March 31, 2015

Bild team is always active. Most of the time we create, often we play music, we travel and all the knowledge we collect we try to transfer and share. 

We live by the principle that knowledge gets bigger only when its shared. Job of each of us is set in such a way, so every day we learn something new, and what we must not forget is to share it with other people. This way we become richer, and this is how we grow together as a team. 

In our lines there are those who teach and live for transferring the knowledge they have to the generations that are coming. 

In this spirit colleagues Danilo Purić and Tarik Zaimović have had a lecture on University of Donja Gorica. The topic of the lecture was „Introduction to PHP“. Young people who attended the presentation had a chance to listen about number of developers in the world, number of courses in this field, popularity of the field, and etc. 

Main topic were: 
•    PHP and other programming languages
•    Why PHP i MySQL
•    PHP CMS & Frameworks
•    Case study examples

We hope that the students have been satisfied with the lectures, and we promise, knowledge we will never keep only for ourselves, we will always try to share and spread it. 

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They trust us, so should you