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Sanja Mračević
Sanja Mračević
May 10, 2018

Responding to customers’ needs in a timely manner and in the same time managing growth of your business requires a constant control over many processes and information on a daily basis. You surely agree that all of that demands a lot of time and energy, which is of great importance in business.

Digitalization redefines relations between company and customers, the way employees work and how companies strengthen their capacities. Customers and users expect companies to continually improve their services, seeking to get answers to all questions and doubts in the short term, by solving their problems quickly and efficiently. This leads us to the claim that a good service nowadays is a precondition for a successful business.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an IT management discipline focused on delivering and supporting IT services in line with the business requirements and organization goals.

ITSM solutions are designed with a focus on people, processes and technological aspects of information systems, and simply speaking,  provide a strategic approach to creating, delivering, managing and improving the way information technologies are used in the organization.

The main goal is to automate work processes and make business more efficient, pushing it towards improvement of internal communication among employees and external communication with clients.

Since 1996, Nilex AB, software company based in Sweden, develops software solutions for service management, making products for managing IT services and infrastructure accessible to many companies like:

With development, implementation and support of ITSM solutions, Nilex enables thousands of organizations to manage business processes in a simpler and more efficient way and to focus on organization’s relations between individuals, whether they are clients, customers, employees or suppliers.

Nilex IT Service Management, a comprehensive solution that supports business processes in organizations, saves time in dealing with incidents and improves the quality of services. Nilex ITSM system’s quality is approved by PinkVerify ITIL and Service certifications.

Bild Studio is official distributor of the Nilex software for the Balkans and beside that, we are included in development of this solution. This great partnership allows us to introduce companies from the region (Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovinia and Slovenia) with all the benefits that Nilex offers to business and better user experience.

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