National conference – Ministry of Education

Ljiljana Polić
Ljiljana Polić
November 18, 2016

We had a great pleasure to be part of a national conference, organized on the 9th of November at the Ministry of Education. The main purpose of this event was to exchange employers’ and teachers’ experience during the project “Continuous professional development of teachers in vocational education in Montenegro”.

We’ve applied for this project in February, mainly because we wanted to continue the practice of mentoring that was, so far, organized for 32 interns and we hired more than 16 of them. Earlier internships were implemented in the field of design, information technology, marketing, project management, and system administration.

In the second half of September, we’ve organized a two-week training for two teachers from the secondary school “Vaso Aligrudić” in Podgorica: Danka Markuš and Olga Medigović. At the very beginning, they were given a technical literature, and then we’ve started with the practical part of the training. Every day, for two hours, Danka and Olga were improving their skills in the field of web design (learning to work in HTML and CSS), and in Joomla CMS. For this purpose, some of our best employees were involved in the mentoring: Lindon Camaj, software engineer; Mirjana Cvijetić and Nenad Pejović, front-end engineers.

The goal of this training was to improve practical knowledge in the field of information technology, in accordance with the latest technology trends. Being up to date with technology trends, means to be able to adapt to changes that are rapidly taking place in the labor market. Young people who are currently in the educational system have a great capacity to adapt to these changes, and we’re supporting their development with this type of knowledge exchange.

Bild Studio and the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies University of Donja Gorica, began with the implementation of the project “The exchange of knowledge between educational and research institutions and the business sector“. For a one year period, we plan to train 50 students from all Universities of Montenegro, organizing different workshops.

Why do we participate in this projects? Because, we see them as the future of the cooperation between the educational and business sector, which is just one of the steps that must be continuously carried out for the long-term improvement of human resources on the labor market of Montenegro. Instead of waiting for a good quality staff on the market, any company can independently create one through this type of knowledge exchange.

We are pleased that we’ve contributed to the improvement of curricula and practical training in high schools, and we hope that other companies will follow our example. Also, we hope that the relevant ministries will continue to support this form of vocational training, and we will gladly accept to be part of them in the future.

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