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Jelena Novaković
Jelena Novaković
February 1, 2017

Monday, January 16: seven new, young faces eagerly expect their mentors in the lobby of our agency. Equipped with knowledge, ideas, energy and above all curiosity, Sanja MračevićJasna KadijaDimitrija RoganovićStefan TodorovićLuka BožinovićNemanja Radoman and Karolina Mirdita are ready to meet work challenges.

Beside them even, three more people: Slaven Mikulić (Software Development), Anton Nikprelaj (Software Development) and Jovana Đuričić (Marketing) who took participation in “Bild Summer Internship” during the summer of 2016 (here you can read about impressions from this internship program) are also included in the National Program of Vocational Education and Training in Higher Qualification. 

This is the fifth year in a row that Bild Studio welcomes internships via the National Program of Vocational Education and Training in Higher Qualification. This year we have six people in the field of software development, two in the field of marketing, one in finance and one person in the field of graphic design. In order to get to know them better, we talked with them and learned about their ambitions, personality traits, professional and personal goals and why they chose Bild Studio to start building their careers. :)

First impressions

“I saw Bild as place of good ideas, creativity and originality. The place where making a product that has already been seen is out of question. It’s either “Wow” or nothing”, replies Sanja Mračević (Marketing Intern) to the question why she chose Bild Studio. 

Young in age and spirit, curious, full of enthusiasm for learning and acquiring new skills, the newest members of the “Bild community” immediately started working with their mentors. “I am ready to gather in as much as information as possible and try to justify the confidence I was given”, says Dimitrije Roganović, our new Software Developer Intern.

For the start: research and professional literature. Then, simple projects and easier tasks to get to know area. Unselfish help from colleagues when some “bug” appears, showing different ways of solving specific tasks, fostering team spirit, developing interesting projects, relaxed and healthy working environment – are first impressions by our new colleagues. 

Ambitions, goals and expectations

Although this is their first professional experience, they already mapped specific fields of specialization and further development.  So, Jasna Kadija (Finance Department), shared her desire to become an entrepreneur and, by her words, she is ready to learn as much as possible in different areas of business in order to make her dream come true. 

Our new Software Developer Interns (Nemanja, Dimitrija, Stefan and Luka) have ambitions to improve their knowledge in the fields of back-endfront-end, programming languages such as: PHPC#JavaScript and Java, computer networks, maintenance and security of websites, encryption and web development. When asked how he sees himself in 5 years, Nemanja Radoman answered that he would like to become an experienced programmer, a network system administrator and cryptographer who has assured its own capital for traveling. 

“I want to upgrade my copywriting skills to perfection and gain knowledge in the fields of digital marketing and PR. These are my primary chosen fields, but due to the fact that I easily get interested in a variety of new things, I am open for new challenges”, Sanja reveals. 

It is our great honor and pleasure to be recognized as the agency that strives and offers valuable knowledge to national and international market, the agency open for continuous growth and development and which invests its resources into the capacity building of students and graduates. We believe that by the end of an internship program, our interns will be capable to work on complex projects and will acquire specific skills that will help them in future career development. We wish them good luck and plenty of success in their work, a big number of successfully completed projects and continuous personal and professional growth.   

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