Partnership Agreement with Swedish company Nilex AB

Ljiljana Polić
Ljiljana Polić
February 10, 2017

After successful cooperation started in February 2015, Bild Studio and Nilex AB signed a partnership agreement, for our agency has become an official distributor of Nilex Service Management (NSP) platform for the territory of the Balkans.

Nilex service platform is developed to improve the company’s business, regardless of its activity and size, by increasing the efficiency of the organization, improving internal communication, as well as providing better experience for products and services end-users. Benefits of Nilex software solution for service management are recognized by over 1000 companies in the public and private sector: 

Software with a simple HTML5 interface adapts to the web and mobile devices, while its open architecture enables seamless integration into the existing IT system of the company. The main goal is to automate workflows and make the business more efficient. In addition, it facilitates and enhances both internal communication between employees and external communication with customers.

Nilex service platform is available in different versions: NileXPress® and NilexPro®.

NileXPress is preconfigured and simple solution for kick-off communication with clients, automated query monitoring and asset management. The platform has a desktop version and it is recommended for small and medium-size enterprises with the narrower target groups. Components can be implemented in the existing IT system of the company in just a few simple steps and require no additional administration.

On the other hand, NilexPro, apart from the abovementioned features, provides additional options such as advanced analytics with detailed insight into the company’s operations. This feature provides for generating reporting, managing company’s hardware and software, tools for business process optimization, external surveys and evaluation of work satisfaction, configured request templates, automated forms for event organization and the SLA add-in (Service Level Agreement – an agreement which defines the type and level of services between the company and customer and facilitates identification of the target groups). The configuration of the platform adapts to the current work and needs of the company and is available both on the web and mobile devices.

In both cases, companies can reach their customers through multiple communication channels: Facebook, Skype for Business, Twitter, e-mail, phone (SMS and call). All previous issues and solutions are stored in the knowledge base, which is available to customers and agents in the company. In this way, the company optimizes resource utilization and reduces costs.

The system also comes with important Self Service portal, which allows end-users to quickly find solutions to their problems, and hence, reduce the usage of the company’s resources.

Nilex AB is a software company, headquartered in Sweden, developing software solutions for service management since 1996. This great partnership will allow us to introduce companies from the region (Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia) with all the benefits that NSP offers for business and better user experience.

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