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Andrijana Čavor
Andrijana Čavor
June 8, 2015

Each year restaurants spend a lot of money on their marketing activities. Lately, there’s been a revolution in local market where restaurant owners are beginning to understand the true marketing meaning and purpose. The role of internet advertising is growing. 

Restaurant marketing it’s not what it used to be. It is essential to accept internet advertising and strength online presence. Yellow press is rarely used these days, so your potential customers use browsers in order to check reviews of the restaurant in which they are willing to spend the money. Moreover, before choosing a place for dining, they want to be informed regarding the service, product and prices you offer. Their favourite restaurant would be the one with strong online presence. 

If you are restaurant manager or owner, you shouldn’t entirely build your reputation on traditional and ‘mouth to mouth’ marketing. Instead, you should take advantage of ‘modern’ marketing. 

To avoid indulging your customers to competitors, we give you a few tips on successful positioning of your restaurant.

  • Functional website 

In order your restaurant to be easily found on internet, make sure you have a well-optimized website that does what you want it to do. The key is to get the potential customers to your website before they discover your competitors. To be more interesting, you can create a daily list of specialities, food blog or point out your customer’s best reviews. 

Website of Hotel (and restaurant) Aria 

  • SEO optimization   

Do a Goggle search for your type of restaurant and location to see what results you get. Type in browser ( type of your restaurant and location (example: pizzeria Podgorica). Where do you rank? Are you listed on the first page? Considering your competition, will potential diners choose your restaurant from that search? 

SEO optimization for restaurant Venom

Thinking that website are just for big companies is wrong – these days the owners of small businesses are realizing the importance of having a website and Internet marketing strategy. Since we have 72% of all searches related to a search for local content, you should be 100% sure that your website will show up for those searches relevant to your restaurant.

  • Reviews

It is true that you live or die on your reputation. Thus, pay attention on reviews and comments you’re getting online. Those are pages where your customers tell online world about their (hopefully positive) experience at your restaurant. Check if you are registered on sites which globally inform people of accommodation, restaurants and other facilities (Tripadvisor or Booking) , where customers can share their recommendations and comments. 

  • Mobile version

According to recent research,75% of smartphone users are finding information about restaurants as they come out, and even 50% of them make a search in the car. 

Obviously, customers behaviour has changed and they are all ‘glued’ to their phones. This is just one of the reasons why restaurants have to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Ensure that your product and service is available for the customers at any time and anyplace. 

  • Social media 

This is a great way to strength and spread your advertising. Social media gives you the ability to represent your brand 365 days a year to existing and potential customers and to enlist them to share their stories.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other chosen social network point out your campaigns, promotions, vouchers and all those thing that are part of loyalty program which are, at the same time, the most powerful tools for keeping existing and gaining new customers. In addition to this, you will build a strong interaction between the users and your business – more shares, more likes, more comments, and your popularity is bigger from day to day. 

  • Menu

In case you already have great menu design, there is no need to change it. On the other hand, if you have old-fashioned, illegible or confusing menu, guests will easily think that your food quality is not so good. Your menu should serve as a good advertising and should be seasonal, visually pleasant, sophisticated, clear, various and targeted to a specific group of guests. 

Menu design for restaurant Konte, authors: Bild Studio design team

  • Be trendy

Follow the current statistics (movement, needs and requirements of your clients), innovations and accept everything that can strengthen your marketing plan. Through monitoring and research, you can find answers to many questions such as: How to make good position of your restaurant? or Whether you need to refresh the menu?…

We shared with you couple of tips for good start of Internet marketing for your restaurant. 

As your possible marketing team, we take 99% of internet marketing activities for your business, and your 1% are more important than you think. You have to be interactive with your clients and tell us what they like and what they don’t like in your restaurants, what special offers you have… You represent a crucial part of a big puzzle and with your help and feedback, the marketing efforts we make for your restaurant will be successful.  

Menu design for restaurant Zrno Soli, authors: Bild Studio design team

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