Round table in the organization of adp-zid

Aleksandra Bošković
Aleksandra Bošković
July 9, 2015

Bild Studio representative, product manager Petar Dragas attended round table organized by Acosiation for democratic prosperity – ZID, on the topic “Unemployment of young professionals in the risk of marginalization for bad socio-economic standing and location of residence”

On the round table outline for national reporting on the topic of unemployment of youth and factors affecting it were presented. Report was created based on qualitative research conducted from February to May of this year. 

concerning fact is that in Montenegro up to 45% of youth age from 15 to 24 is unemployed, moreover percent of young, mostly  those with university degree in total employment takes only 19,10%. 
In addition to the fact that Montenegro stands out by the lower unemployment rate of young people compared to the countries in the region, more concerning is the fact that very high number of those with university degrees is unemployed. 

One of the reasons may be hyper-production of highly educated people, as well as, bad economic conditions. 

One of the results show that higher chances for employment have young people capable of conducting more tasks or have ability of multitasking, as well as, those with knowledge of advanced technologies capable of using them professionally in work. 

We use this opportunity to thank ADP – ZID for the invitation to actively participate in this round table, and through constructive dialogue give our contribution to better and wider problem perception and possible solutions. 

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