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Milena Raičević
Milena Raičević
August 20, 2015

Successful beginning

In May on our web site we announced a call for four opened training positions in the IT department. There were many candidates who applied, however, only nine showed satisfactory results and were accepted. 

Training that was planned for only four was, due to the showed knowledge and abilities of the potential candidates, expanded. Today we have nine new team members, future professionals, and hard working interns.

Meet our interns

Chosen interns, who already work hard on the projects for domestic and international market are:

Main goal of this training is to transfer knowledge we have to our future colleagues in the field. We hope all nine of them will make the most use of the opportunity given, and in short time become members of the Bild team. Throughout the training we want to share knowledge and our greatest desire is, for students to, by learning on real life project, obtain abilities that will ensure their career development and success on the labour market. Many companies in the world and in the region have similar programs, and now Bild is one of them. 

How was an idea born?

On the faculties we mostly have a chance to learn theory, however, most of us, when finishing traditional education, could not find a practical application to the theory we have accumulated. It often seems as we are in the beginning once again. In Bild Studio we strive for this not to be the case any more, but for students to gain practical knowledge through internships, while at the same time finishing their faculty education. 

Our effort towards this goal is in guiding, training and knowledge transferring while maintaining necessary balance between theory and practice. In our agency for all of this our mentors are in charge. Team of mentors consists of professionals in their respective areas with more than 10 years of work experience. One of our primary steps towards this was participation of our mentors on summer course for mobile apps development called Android yourself.

What are the benefits for individuals, companies and society?

  • Companies

We must mention that most of occupations in our field are those with scarce number of professionals. Great individuals in our area are hard to find on the labour market and the demand is anything but absent. Nine interns that are already with us are only the first step towards better labour supply shaping on the Montenegrin market. For companies this can only be beneficial, they will have a chance to get experts in the IT field able to solve most demanding programming issues. Having this in mind, goal for all IT companies, and those from other areas, should be training human resources they shall need in near future. No moment is good like this one, right now, for all companies to move and direct towards development of so needed professionals. 

  • IT professionals 

Now I see you wondering why is this good for students, future professionals? Developers with wider knowledge scope ensure better positions and have more chances for increase in earnings. Idea we stand for, brings benefits to all sides: companies, institutions, and most of all individuals, today’s students and future experts in their respective fields.

  • Industry and society 

If we take a look at IT industry, we must not disregard the fact on the rise it is experiencing. The research conducted by Milica Radulovic, as a part of her research planned for her future master thesis, shows that worth of IT industry in Montenegro grew for 5.22% in 2013 compared to 2012, while in 2014 grew for 13.68% compared to the year 2013. If we base our predictions on historic growth, Milica concludes that this trend could go on further, and expected growth in this year could be up to 22% compared to the previous. Milica also brought us information that IDC Adriatics publishes information on the IT market growth in Serbia and BiH, while in Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia decline in value of the industry is noted. 

When we turn to the global market, research shows that IT market experienced growth of 5.9% in 2012, and 4.6% in 2013. Global ICT report for the year 2015, published by World Economic Forum, brings us three important messages concerning impact which this industry has around the world. ICT revolution has a potential to transform states as it brings power to solve all the most important questions arising in economy and in the society as a whole. Moreover, there are countries in the world in which revolution has not happened yet and have not used their full potential. One of these is Montenegro with human resources that need to be additionally educated and when this is done, proximity to the developed societies gives us possibility of growth on the global market. Lastly, ICT is highly concentrated in certain parts of the planet and internet poses great advantage to the countries like Montenegro. Moreover, to the significance of internet in the IT development area speaks the fact published by US Bureau of Labour Statistics where it says that employment in this area is highly affected by off shoring of ICT services to the lower cost markets among which is ours too. 

All of the above speaks to the fact that Montenegro must seriously take potential which IT market offers and benefits that may come from it. Another interesting fact is high labour productivity in ICT which is twice bigger compared to any other non financial industry. This only speaks to the advantages of the ICT field and our county must make the most of. 

Internship – support, significance and results

In some of our previous blog posts we spoke about importance of including and joining together institutions, universities, state, and all of the companies in this industry so we would no more be behind the rest but pose as a serious player on the global market.

Today our internship has a support from:

  • University UDG its Rector prof. dr Veselin Vukotic, Dean of the Faculty for Information Technologies prof. dr Milica Vukotic, and prof. Davor Coric.
  • University Mediteran its Dean doc.dr Adis Balota, prof. dr Snezana Scepanovic, and mr Nadja Zaric.
  • University of Montenegro its Dean prof. dr Zana Kovijanic Vukicevic, prof. dr Goran Sukovic, and prof. dr Stevan Scepanovic.

We use this opportunity to thank all universities on their support, we are certain that our common effort will have positive effects on students, and overall IT industry development. 

As a result of first internship cycle in Bild, three developers have been employed

Veselin Vujovic  
Front end engineer intern 
Genti Elezaj 
Front end engineer intern 
Filip Andjelić
Front end engineer intern 

We hope that this second cycle with nine interns will have as a result their employment in our company. If this by any chance does not happen they will, with our recommendation, find their places in some of our partnering firms.

Our final goal is for this internship to grab your attention, so you realize the meaning and significance of the change we can introduce to our society. For us this is only one of the first steps on the road leading to the development of the internship or training of the larger scope in all of the areas of our expertise. To start a change one company may be enough, but to reach full industry potential our cooperation is necessary.   

Research conducted by Milica Radulovic to whom, on this occasion, we thank for significant contribution for widening our knowledge through presentations of her work.–through-2020–says-u-s-.html

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